Is sexism a problem in the gaming industry/community?

Asked by: MrVan
  • Sexism is a problem everywhere, but it's quite misconceived.

    Sexism, or more specifically, feminism, is rampant in America today. Females are frequently depicted as smarter, more agile, and stronger than men. Men are considered useless or in the way. Frequently, recognition of gender differences is seen as sexism. If I were to say that men are usually stronger, I'd be marked as sexist, If I were to say that women are usually better multi-taskers, I'd be either agreed with, or marked sexist.

  • Yes! Yes! Yes!

    Have you ever played a COD match that happens to have a girl in it? 40% of gamers may be girls, but that doesn't stop irritating 12 year olds from unleashing their storm of trolltastic sexual harassment. Sexism will be a problem in gaming until we get used to that fact that being anonymous doesn't entitle you to being an @sshole.

  • It is but it's improving.

    Most games have been very sexist throughout the years like Mario for example, they only started with two girls, peach and daisy. But these games are making an improvement, take Tomb Raider for example, the whole game is built around a Lara who goes through this challenging survival plot. This game has very high ratings and it's bringing up the popularity of girl gaming characters. Even Call of Duty has improved their sexist ratio, they have created the option for players to change the character's gender and it gives the same experience as by playing as a man, so they have broken down the sexism walls and now other games are being influenced by these actions.

  • I feel that their is sexism.

    Sexism is a rather large problem in the gaming industry, because women in gaming are automatically objectified by the player. Any female protagonists in just about any game is objectified and designed to be "attractive" to the player to get more people to play their game. I am a huge gamer myself, and know all of this from experience.

  • Sexism is a problem everywhere

    Sexism is a problem in nearly every form of media, videogames included. The same sexism is felt throughout the community as well. I have heard arguments that it is not a problem, as it it unfair towards both sides..... Doesn't that just make it a bigger problem? Our entire society is sexist in one form or another, and the gaming community is no less effected.

  • Sadly, yes it's still is....

    Although things are getting better, women are still not recognized for their work. Uh HELLO??? WE GIVE BIRTH!!!!! Religion is the seed of sexism. Society is still stuck in the 50's. Women give life, but both men AND women destroy it! Men and Women are not equal socially and sometimes physically. Sexism goes BOTH ways!

  • Boom shaka laka

    Image result for how many females play games
    The number of female gamers grew 70 percent (to 30.3 million), while males grew 45 percent (to 43.3 million). More than 5 million girls and women said they play five days or more a week -- four times as many as in 2011.

  • Yes It Is

    Because when some women play they get no good job or you where amazing and that's not ok men on the other hand get tons of complements or there 360 no-scope where amazing but that's not the point women get push out of games by male characters that always over power the women inside.

  • From a Woman's Prospective

    I am a female gamer myself, and I have found that the gaming world is very sexist to an extent. Certain games like "Bayonetta" (I actually really like that game) are considered sexist by the creator's standing point. The creator of "Bayonetta" was interviewed for the design of a game and he replied that Bayonetta was what he viewed in a woman and would be the perfect woman for him. While she did kick major butt, she was viewed as a sexual object to him as well.

    Aside from those games, normal games like "Smash Brothers" tend to make my male friends more violent when beaten by myself, so even normally viewed games instigate some violence and inner turmoil.

    All in all, I'd say it depends on the situation.

  • Very sexist ads

    Many ads for video games are very sexist. For example, RPG games, such as Warcraft, and Game of War Fire Age use woemen with revealing clothes to lure male players. Then, because of a few female noobs, everyone hate female players in Shooter and Team games. Players think that just because one female CS-GO player can't plant the bomb and dies from her own incendiary grenade, all female players do the same thing. At the same time, men have to always be the heavy role. They have to take insane amounts of damage. Even in Angry Birds Epic, 2 birds, Red and Bomb are damage tanks. Also, in games based of Disney movies, they always sacrifice a male character in the hardest event.

  • Seriously, feminism needs to stay away from games!!

    Just because a female character is sexually attractive, it doesn't make them fighting fuck toys. Let me just list some female characters that are strong, independent and Badass

    The Boss (MGS)
    Samus Aran (Metroid)
    Bayonetta (Bayonetta)
    Aloy (Horizion Zero Dawn)
    Zelda (The Legend of Zelda)
    Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)
    Alicia (Valkyria Chronicles)

    What do all these chicks have in common? They are fleshed out, badass characters who can hold their own without anyone else!! Bayonetta can kill a fucking god, the boss created her own fighting style, Zelda travlled back in time to give Link advice so that he could survive events that he couldn't of on his own without her wisdom, ALOY STOPPED THE EXTINCTION OF THE HUMAN RACE!!!!!!, Lara Croft is incredibly intelligent and able to fight and Alicia commanded the scouts of the Bruhl watchmen to hold off a superpower army like the Nazi off for a year!!!! Its not sexism, just people getting easily offended

  • Never encountered sexist when playing

    As a male I have no right to speak but as of today I have never entered a lobby where there has been sexism like someone saying " dang bro she's pretty good for a girl" or "wow you just got killed by a girl you suck" so please for give me for sprouting comments such as I've never experienced such things

  • Before we answer

    We should try to understand what an "industry" and "community" is before we answer this, so let's choose a definition here.

    Industry: economic activity concerned with the processing of raw materials and manufacture of goods in factories"

    Community: a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.

    There's all kinds of "sexism" in the world, it's not a huge problem in the western world compared to other parts people hate when you say "What about this and that place" and say not to bring it up, but bring it up to support that there's sexism. If it did exist the way a lot of people blew out of proportion then they wouldn't be allowed to say it. The sexism that's supposedly IN these games are just people trying to find rationality for their victim complex. You don't know what developers are really thinking, or how they really feel, not every single thing in the game means they support it.

    If someone writes a FICTIONAL book and it has rape in it, does the writer condone rape or are they telling a story?

  • Women are well accepted in the gaming community

    I have been an avid video-gamer since the days of Atari 2600. I've known many women that take it very seriously, and they are usually well accepted by other serious male gamers. It's been my experience that women in general don't enjoy video games as much as men percentage wise.

  • If we are using Anita Sarkeesian's model of sexism in games, then this stance is incorrect.

    To be frank, there are hundreds of female protagonists in games these days. In fact, most games these days have made it an option to have the main character be male or female. To state that females are being frowned upon in gaming is simply ridiculous as the same points could be made towards males in gaming, especially if using Anita Sarkeesian's idea of sexism, which is only a scam to cause controversy and make her money. Sexism is objective and in most cases, people getting uppity about sexism in games are looking to deep into it.

  • No, it happens both sides.

    Before you start shouting that I'm a mens rights activist, I'm not. I think women are very objectified by society, but in video games it goes both ways. For every skinny woman in a game creating that identity for women, there's about a dozen muscle clad badasses, that guys have to try and achieve. Now, I'm not opposed to this, sexism goes both ways in the gaming world because that's what video games are for, they're a means of accessing a whole new world without the realistic constrains of what real people actually look like.

    To say women looking hot in games is a problem would be the exact same thing as saying that men in video games have too many muscles. But we don't let it bother us. Why do women get so bothered when a hot woman is in something meanwhile we don't care how many Matthew Mcconaughey Gerard Butler movies exist just so women can look at them.

    Again, I'm not a mens rights activist. Sexism & objectifying exist in the world and it sucks, but femenists - you are blaming the wrong market.

    (If you think that Miranda Lawson is an unrealistic perception of women but Marcus Fenix isn't, you've officially lost all rights to complain about sexism EVER, because you have no idea what you're talking about.)

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Nerd_in_a_Trenchcoat says2013-12-09T00:34:56.043
@babeslayer Objectification of men doesn't happen in video games, for the reason that these games are targeted at men, not woman. How many girls do you know who play Gears of War?