• This is just wrong. THIS NEEDS TO CHANGE!

    Im interested in the marines, but they dont allow women on the front lines. First off, we can do anything you men can, maybe even better than you can. Second, we might just be the difference between you living or you dieing. If this dosent change, you guys just lost a good soldier.

  • Females not granted the same opportunities and males.

    All my life i had always wanted to be a part of the army. I started to do research on carriers in that army that interested me. Every single role i was interested in was not open to women. How is that supposed to make me feel. The army is constantly fighting for our freedom from other nations, when a female doesn't even have freedom in the U.S.A. I find this very discriminatory and disgusting. There is absolutely no reason that a female can not preform the same role as a man equally if not better. I hope by the time i am able to join they army this has changed because if not you just lost a great soldier.

  • Yes yes and absolutely yes

    How is this even a question? Absolutely yes. I've been told numerous times I can't work on certain teams and on the line as a female medic because im female. I experience sexism on a daily basis. I've been even told by my nco (who is an EO rep) that I wasn't selected for a certain leadership position because I'm female. Military is absolutely sexist.

  • Yes because not until a little while ago they did not let women fight on combat.

    They denied women the full title of being in the Marines, Air Force, Navy, or even Coast Guard. If they were not sexist they would let women be allowed to have the full title and not just men. Women need to have ever right as men do no matter what it maybe. And no women aren't a distraction and no we will not get anyone killed by having men protect us if we didn't want to fend for ourselves we would not have become a part of any military.

  • It is not very significant other than some situations, but yes.

    I am currently serving in the USAF at a joint base for about 4 years, and from personal experiences and hearing experiences from others, I can say that about 90-95% of military personnel are not sexist. I say personnel, not just men, because, yes, even some females are sexist. However, it is a small culture still floating about in some areas and aspects everywhere you go, but it is going to be around anywhere you are whether it's the military or civilian side. Some of it is very trivial and you should not worry yourself about it because there are deeper issues than what that person said to make you angry because they're ignorant (just tell them to educate themselves before they attempt to speak to you again). But, the culture really is changing in the military and leadership is seriously cracking down on discrimination and sexual assault for everyone, however I'm not sure if it's changing where it really needs to be addressed (not including sexual assault). Combat jobs should no longer be an issue. Let me explain why... I'm not sure how many jobs are still closed to women as our leaders have more recently allowed women into many combat positions in all of the branches, but there are some underlying issues. People need to realize that women who would apply for a combat position KNOWS that it's a tough job, that you NEED to be tough to get through the training, and you need to be even TOUGHER when you're actually in a COMBAT environment or you'll be kicked out if you don't make the cut just as ANY other soldier/airman/seaman attempting to complete it. Just like anyone else, the best of the best will make it and the weak are filtered out. The news about those two women who passed Ranger School hits my point right on the nail.

  • I say yes

    I personally want to join the army myself but then I second guess my choice to because sexism is such a problem. We need to fix this before it is irreversible. They say this is the age of change, I'm not seeing this so called "change". Lets make a difference ladies and gents

  • Sexism in the military is just not right!

    I am doing a project for school about sexism in the us military. I believe that Women should have all the same rights as men. The us navy does not aloud women on the US naval nuclear submarine project. But some people believe that women should not be aloud in combat because they don't have the mental capacity to withstand the horrors of war. What the heck you min-as-well be saying all of those doctors, scientists, astrinots and educators are just not smart.

  • Sexism has always been a problem in the military.

    Females have been treated differently in the military for years. Women are given less careers in the military because men say women cant do everything a man can. Just because women have "monthly needs" doesn't mean they should be forced to do less in protecting this country. Many countries have women fighting in their military. One problem is females not being allowed in special forces. Yes there may be more ways to torture women if captured but that should be the women's choice if they want to take that risk. Its not the men's job to protect us. If we wanted to be protected we would have all just become house wives.

  • Yes it is.

    Men need to stop their crap just because they think women dont belong there. But women worked their way up to where they are now and they are not just gonna leave so easily. Women are just as capable as these "men of war" We can do it! Go Equality!

  • EO sexism in us army

    Women are far less being victims to sexism in the U.S. Army compared to men.
    1. Women in the Army can wear there hair long into a style and men cannot. Why?
    2. Higher percent chance of being selected for promotion.
    3. Can have higher percent body fat.
    4. Can do less on a physical test and score higher than men.
    5. Paid more for clothing allowance.
    6. Needs help lifting items more so than men at regular day to day task
    7. Able to wear piercings, make-up, and finger nail polish off duty males cannot
    8. At balls most of the time authorized to wear civilian attire and males cannot
    9. Board more lax toward females. How? Female cried in a board and released her to come back next month. Male cries soldier needs to adjust fire 6 to a year before returning.

  • No it size

    The fact are is that men are bigger and BILT FIR FIGHTING. Think about it on average men are bigger and meaner then women. Many of you will be mad at me. But it's ok you entitled to your opinion. But look at female fire fighters they HAD TO LOWER STANDERS for them. Would you want a 150lb female carrining an assault rifle in combat or a 200lb man carrining a bigger assault rifle?

  • Moving Towards Equality

    Women are allowed on the front lines. While women do not receive more salary, they do receive subsidized housing in the Air Force. Some women are placed on a pedestal and receive leniency during training or while getting "smoked." Sexual harassment is not any more prevalent in the military than in society. Women have monthly needs that cuts into some duties. (I am posting this just to throw some ideas out there for my student.)

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