Is sexism still alive in the music industry today?

Asked by: NewSoul95
  • The Music industry is Sexist!

    Nothing is less feminist then using your body to get money. Has nothing changed in the last 100 years. Why do women need to sexualise themselves to sell records and men don't? Female pop stars appear half naked on their album covers. Surely this is another clear case of sexism?

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cbcullen84 says2014-01-22T00:54:44.420
I remember the first instance of sexism in the music industry when I was a kid, C&C Music Factory's "Gonna make you sweat" featured fully clothed females wearing v-neck tops and spandex bottoms, singing and dancing, while half naked men danced as well. The trend extended into the advertisement industry as well, cologne commercials, Men's underwear, shaving cream and razors ect..Ect. It wasn't until recently that Women joined the group. In today's society, even the topic of sexism is sexist and bias, featured for this topic is the billboard depicting the lower half of a fully clothed Woman holding two leashes with completely naked Men on the other end on all fours. The advertisement presents the interesting question...What would happen if it was a Man holding leashes with naked Women on all fours? Lawsuits...Many, many lawsuits. Sexism in Sexism.