• Absolutely- anyone not blind can see it.

    Women still earn 85 cents on the dollar for doing the same job as men. We still make up far less than our percentage of the population in political representation and high level careers. I have personally faced a great deal of sexism in my own field- women in mathematics and the scientists must work twice as long and achieve twice as much as a man to receive half the respect he does.

    Is it better today for women than past generations? Of course. Do we still have a lot of work ahead? Of course.

  • It definitely is

    I don't quite remember the exact dates, but i seem to remember that many years ago woman fought to be equal, but yet they still think they deserve the ladies first rule, and then they go around thinking they are right a bought everything. So if anything it is the women that are being sexist

  • Sexism appears in society in ways most overlook.

    Movies, books, school, work, etc. all show how sexism is still here. Sexism can happen while talking with you friends. It happens is the Disney princess movies. On average men get paid more than women for doing the same job. If a man is abused by his wife no one would take him seriously, but if were vise verse the man would probably go to jail. We probably say sexist things to our family and friends without knowing it. Those stupid dress codes are sexist towards girls. We can't wear what we want because "it is too distracting. Distracting to who? I'm not distracted. Distracting to boys? Perhaps instead of giving girls stricter dress codes, teach boys how to respect girls. Think about that.

  • Childrens toy differences

    Today i witnessed a science kit in the 'boys toys' isle. How can you justify that science is a toy designed purely for boys? This occurs and yet there is a high plead for female scientist. We should stop separating boys and girls toys as they impact a child's view dramatically. Lego is unisex. Cars are unisex. Teddy bears are unisex.

  • Still very present, but in more subtle ways

    There are many ways in which sexism is still present today. Women are still considered to be the weaker sex by many men. Women make less money than men for the same job in many countries. Women are expected to do certain household chores because they are women by many men. If a woman is unfaithful, she is a whore; if a man does the same, he's a player. Etc, etc...

  • Sadly, yes it is

    Although society is changing, there is still sexism. Men AND Women are degraded unfairly. Basic biology and Religion are the seeds to sexism. This "heterosexual" society is still stuck in the 50's. Most people expect the "traditional gender roles." Men work. Women stay home with kids and makes the meals for the family. Will society EVER get updated??????!!!!!!!!

  • Sexism is Still Present Today

    Yes, sexism is still present in today's society. There are many cases of women encountering the "glass ceiling" and not reaching the level of CEO in companies. On the other side of the fence, men are still not granted paternity leave in the United States, thus showing a different kind of sexism.

  • Sexism is still happenning today

    Yes it is because that is how you make baby no matter what you do. But i think it happens to much and that alot of people get paid to do it. And people start abusing each other and it causes mayhem. Only if people dont do this then it would be a well blessed America.

  • Yes, but often it's not just men it's women too

    People have their own viewpoints of how other people should be/are. So sexism is intrinsic to both sexes. I guess all humans view things on how they think things should be, not how they are. Some people are just very highly opinionated, they don't listen, and don't want to tolerate listening.

    Posted by: bk1
  • Defintely, sexism still exists

    Yes, now women have more rights than the past times. But that doesn't mean sexism has ceased to exist. Women still gets paid less for working the same jobs as men, are objectified and sexualised in the media, and women still have to fight for their basic rights, e.G their bodies which are decided completely BY MEN. Everything that has to do with women becomes a political issue in which the voices of women are almost always silenced.

  • Gender rolls, not sexism

    I am 100% against sexism. It is outrageous to claim that a woman is any less of a human than a man is. However, I do strongly believe in gender rolls. Men are better at providing for their family and such and women are better at taking care of the children and tending to the home.

  • Watch "36 Stupid Feminist Questions Answered"

    It proves that feminists are wrong and that in reality, they don't want equal rights, but want more rights for women than men! It's ridiculous! I'm a woman and I disagree with today's feminists. I think feminists from a long time ago had a smart point, but now they are manipulative idiots.

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