Is sexism worse than discrimination against the disabled?

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  • Disgusting question. Disabled discrimination is the worst of all

    Disabled get abused in every single way and the government do so very little. They cant even get access into many places still in 2015 pathetic

    Men are far more discriminated against in western society Not in the middle east or Africa. Im just talking here in the west. Men lose their homes in 80% of divorces and in 80% they lose their homes and their children due to bias in culture and in law towards mothers. This utterly destroys mens lives. No wonder male suicides across the entire world are 4 times higher than womens. The amount of government money spent women is 4 times higher. From health especially. Charities support women by over 50 to 1 ratios. Its unbelievable how much more support there is for money in every single aspect of life. Where do battered or abused men go? Or men whose wives cheat or steal or destroy their property go? Where do men go when women get other men to beat them up? Women are allowed to make false accusations anonymously with no punishment at all. Yet can ruin any mans life with these false accusations. In every society or in the media. Women can say anything they like be it rude crude sexist or nasty about men and get away with it. Whereas men say anything and theyre called sexist dinosaurs and lose their jobs. I even saw a chat show once where women laughed about a man who died after having his penis cut off. It a mens show did this about a woman dying after a man damaged her vagina? Hed go to jail just for laughing. The west is spectacularly sexist against men

  • No it ain't

    I'm an autistic man. I don't think sexism is much worse. Sexism cries come from spoiled feminists who want to control everything a man does. Hatred of autistic people on the other hand is very real. Sexism cries are an excuse to try to dominate men and take away their manliness.

  • No sexism is not worse

    Sexism is not worse then discrimination against the disable. Although they are both wrong, treating a disabled person any less then as another human being is worse then treating someone as if they are just a woman and can not do the same things a man can do. Disabled people have a challenging enough time as in and should be treated with the same form of respect that others ask for.

  • No, discriminating against the disabled is much worse.

    Discriminating against the disabled is much worse then sexism. The disabled have usually gone through a terrible event to cause them to be disabled, and there is not usually anything they can do to become normal again. Sexism is severe, but in my opinion not nearly as severe as discriminating against the disabled.

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