• Yes it is.

    Sexism is worse for many reason. First, it effects everyone. Even men, like with divorce, child custody, and other stuff. Feminism is just more known for women because women sadly dont have equal rights or oppurtunities yet. Though it has come a long way, there is still work to be done. Racism is also bad but effects a much smaller amount of the population so sexism is worse.

  • Misogyny alot more common

    I've witnessed far too many sexist and anti woman comments and actions in my life . Yes racism is alive and well but sexism is more wide spread and accepting all over the world. Women get paid less and it is harder to progress in jobs. This is just from my observations.

  • Sexism is so ingrained in every place on the planet, its mostly still invisible to many making it much more widespread and dangerous

    I am against racism and sexism and they are both oppressions so they have many similarities, but the fact is a man of any race is still generally regarded as a more valuable human being anywhere on the planet compared to the average women of any race and given more rights, more authority and autonomy over his own body and free will. Slavery of black people was outlawed a few hundred years ago but to this day, slavery of women and young girls (and to a lesser extent young boys) goes on in many places, mostly for the sex trade and not too many countries including the US are doing enough to stop it because women are valued less. Also most of my liberal friends will vehemently rally against racism (as they should) but when it comes to sexism there is far less interest to do anything and lots more outright denial. Even many so called progressives will defend sexism with so -called scientific differences between men and women that somehow make sexism okay? Even if men and women have minute biological differences, its nothing big enough that would excuse the horrific treatment of women worldwide, such as the alarming statistics of violence and rape committed against women and girls by men and the fact that its still generally accepted to blame the women when her partner beats her or she gets raped. When you realize how much sexism is accepted by people of all political backgrounds, races and nationalities, and that most women don't even know how deep it is, you realize sexism is far worse and more insidious because most still deny it even exists.

  • Sexism is everywhere

    I have witnessed sexism around me in so many accepted and tolerated forms it's disgusting - and there are far fewer mechanisms in place than there are for racism to punish those who discriminate. The average women makes .77 for every $1.00 a man makes in the U.S. and it's 2015? - Seriously! Women are sold in some countries as slaves still and face horrible violence and punishment for crimes of which they were the VICTIM in and this is allowed. Women who do succeed in male dominated fields are often viewed as a cute novelty and their competence is diminished and undercut by that basic fascination of even just their presence. To be "reduced" to being called a female sportscaster or a woman referee, for instance, are offensive when they have taken the time, just as any man would, to become knowledgeable and experienced in what they do. It is a shame.

  • Sexism is worse

    Sexism is more widespread and more tolerable. That's a fact. It's pretty much in every country , every class, ethnicity etc. Women don't have equal rights and are more abused by spouses and boyfriends. And I'm a hispanic male and saying this. I've seen and witnessed more sexism than I've seen racism.

  • Gender-based bigotry is where all bigotry begins

    Sexism is clearly the most wide-spread of all the many forms of discrimination that plague humanity. There is nowhere on earth where a girl can be born and expect that her talents and intelligence will be utilized and respected fully. I believe this is rooted somewhere in prehistory when humans shifted toward a hard-line patriarchal approach to social structure. Of course, there may have never been a true matriarchal societal structure, but I suspect that at some point previously women shared more fully in cultural creation. As structures solidified, they became more rigidly patriarchal and thus oppressive to women, although often predicated on the bogus pretense of "protecting" women. I believe this divide then led to clashing male chieftains, and the development of the tribal mentality that now manifests as racism and ethnocentrism.

  • Both are bad, but only one is tolerated.

    I am both anti-racist and anti-sexist, and all for equality of all genders, races, sexualities, ect. But, honestly, sexism affects way more people and is way more tolerated. Racism might have been a worse problem in the past, but it isn't anymore. Sexism is everywhere, you can't escape it, almost every show on TV is sexist in some subtle (or not so subtle) way, and no media is exempt from this. If someone makes a sexist joke/comment, it'll fly right by and hardly anybody will care, but if someone says something racist, they'll instantly have at least 20 people on them telling them about what a horrible person they are. Sexism affects everyone, and reaches across all races and ethnicities. Loads of people are working very hard to abolish racism, and that's all very fine and dandy, but what we need now is more people trying to abolish sexism. While both issues are horrible, sexism negatively affects a much larger portion of the population and is way more tolerated. I personally know at least four openly sexist people, and no openly racist people. Even today, people are surprised if a man says he is a feminist, while they expect any given white person to be anti-racist. Feminism has a bad name, people seem to think its a bunch of women sitting around complaining about how the evil male gender is suppressing them, but it's not. Anybody who believes men and women should be equal is a feminist, regardless of their own gender. Sexism is a larger problem, because it affects more people and is widely tolerated. Racism is still a large issue, but it isn't nearly as tolerated as sexism, so it loses this one. Racism might have been the larger issue in the past back when slavery was still a thing, but I'm talking about the 21st century here, when slavery and segregation has been gone for decades upon decades. But, at least in the U.S., the male-female wage gap is still a thing, even today. So, long story short, both are huge issues, but sexism is the bigger one.

  • Yes, sexism is more accepted, which makes it harder to stop

    It is worse for precisely the reason that emptied_pie gave for it not being worse. It is omni-present, which makes it more acceptable. People are less likely to question sexism because it is much more deeply i grained in our culture/society. If someone openly discriminates against a certain race int he media, they are highly admonished (i.E. Paula dean). However, there are many forms of sexism that are openly accepted , practiced, and almost cherished in a nostalgic 1950s nuclear family sort of way. Take note of all the women in pillsbury and lysol commercials.

  • Sexism is worse than racism.

    Sexism is worse than racism. Even though they are fundamentally the same thing because you are inflicting hate upon people because of a physical trait that they have no control over, you alienate a larger part of society when you believe that one specific gender is better than another gender.

  • While I disagree with Sexism, Racism causes more problems and can be worse in many forms.

    Sexism is so common that most people find themselves used to it; or don't even know that they're a victim of it. It also tends to simply stereotype a person to a specific role. Racism on the other hand prosecutes a person based upon any small physical feature they have inherited from their parents, be that skin colour or the shape of a body part. In the household, regardless of race, people are typically treated entirely equal; so when racism hits it tends to hit harder. Sexism on the other hand is almost omni-present if it exists in the first place. Families will be sexist to themselves, and so eventually it becomes a part of life for many.

  • It's not a competition

    This isn't the oppression Olympics, both are equally terrible and affect the oppressed in different ways. We need to stop trying to argue about who has it worse and come together to find a solution.

    Besides what about people of colour who are unfortunate to experience both. Asian women are exotified, Asian men are seen as nerdy and weak, black women are seen as 'slutty', weak minded and bad tempered, black men are seen as violent and dim and are being killed by police in the hundreds. Racism and sexism are not mutually exclusive they can both exist together and feed of each other.

  • Here's a thought, there are female members of race groups

    I personally don't think one is worst than the other, because you can't compare the feelings of being thought less of as a human based on your race, to the feelings of being less in most societies because of your gender. And then there are people who experience both racism and sexism, myself included. I can't really say one is worse when I'm called a nigger bitch at the same time.

  • Social issues are not for comparison

    Placing two very real issues right next to each other and rating them is a complete disregard to them . They both are very bad and hurt people everyday and to ask if one is more hurtful than the other is really despicable. If one where place one before the other it would imply that whatever they put second is not quite as real as what it really is (it works well with this question because, as stated earlier, these are serious problems).

  • Both of These Are Bad

    I really don't think one is worse than the other. Both of these are equally bad. Hating someone based on their skin is closed minded as well as hating someone just because they are a woman or because they identify as a woman. Hatred towards things that are so trivial is just awful.

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Quatermass says2013-11-03T01:47:21.453
They're the same thing. The marginalisation of a person or group of people by another person or group of people.