• No its not

    No bcuz gay ppl probly got bitton buy a bug or smhtn. In my Opinion there is a bug that containes the gay sindrome and thats how pepol becum super gay. An exampole of dsi is whn my bigger bruder was in de woods and got bit and became gay.

  • It's a intuitive feeling

    This homosexuality is in your body even in your genes so how could we deny that homosexuality is abnormal or acquired with education or social media (I don't say they don't effect our thoughts)? Homosexual people is tortured and harassed by narrow-minded also devote people so why they keep loving the same gender or both genders even if they're harassed or killed?
    Suppose that we choose our orientation, why in nature over 450 species of animals are homo?

  • Determined at birth

    There is no way that sexuality is a choice. I'm a lesbian and I have recently looked back at my childhood and found many girl 'crushes' and non-attraction to boys. It's absurd how I can look back and realize i was like this all my life and this isn't a choice and I shouldn't be ashamed or have to defend my side.

  • Why would they choose this life

    Studies show that homosexually attracted people have higher rates of depression, anxiety, and suicide. Why would someone willingly choose to enter a life that could very well lead to that? They are born the way they are, and that's not abnormal. Homosexual attraction is shown to affect the same parts of the brain as left-handedness. No one considers a left-handed person to be abnormal, or born with some defect. Love is love.

  • Born That Way

    All of the LGBTQ+ members that I know of have told me that they feel they are born that way, and all the straight people I know of say they don't believe it. There has been similar genes found in gay males, which is still being fully discovered. Being questioning (which I have been for as long as I can remember) , I feel that was born like that as I was questioning at such an early age.

  • You are born with your sexual orientation, you do not choose it.

    A person's sexual orientation has been shown to be determined at birth or a very young age. When speaking with members in the LGBT community, they will state that they are not making a choice for their sexual orientation, but there was always a need or preference towards a particular gender.

  • People are who they are

    There is no way to tell a person what their sexual orientation should be. They have something inside them that tells them what to feel and who to feel it for. This is inside them since birth. It isn't possible to sway someone because you don't like what they are choosing.

  • Sexual orientation is something people either choose or are pressured into

    No one is born gay, lesbian, or bisexual or pansexual or whatever. Whether it results from child abuse, gay rape, peer pressure, or simply being called "gay" by people around you, sexual orientation is a choice. Everyone is born straight, because to be heterosexual is to follow the natural way of things. If someone is homosexual then something has happened to them to make them that way. And if someone is homosexual, it doesn't define them. They don't have to be homosexual. It is a choice

  • People get to choose if they are gay or not it depends on how they are raised and such.

    When a mom wants a girl instead of a guy they would treat their boy as a girl which is going to make him gay. And such. And when parents do this it causes people to change. This is what happend to my sister mom wanted a dude and she turned into a dike.,

  • Just no no

    How can a baby say they are gay or not its just not right just stick to nature and no need to change life ahah hahah. LGBT is just overexaggerated and they want people to feel sorry for them just grow up and be normal people like odd people yu kno

  • No one chooses sexual orientation

    It is upbringing, culture, that shapes a person yes people do have genetics that they do not have any control over but I don’t believe sexual orientation is determined after birth not at birth, if it were determined at birth it would almost certaintly be genetic, i know a set of identical twins who share 100% DNA as identical twins do, one of them is homosexual and one of them is heterosexual, nothing wrong with homosexuality but it is not determined at birth but rather determined after birth

  • A matter of what your belief system is.

    I personally feel like being anything other than heterosexual is not by design. To unequivocally call it a choice would not be correct either. I believe that culture and your environment play key roles in how a person perceives themselves to be. Yes, a person can begin to feel different from everyone else at a young age, but what was the environmental circumstances surrounding them at the time. No one can fully know, not even the person who is affected. It could have been one minute situation that swayed how that person developed in early childhood. What culture did you experience growing up? I feel like when children are their most vulnerable, is during the early developmental stages and we are all conditioned into who we ultimately become. I love everyone, gay, straight, and in between, but my belief system will not allow me to believe that God created us to not procreate. Then what would this world be if people stop creating other people!

  • You don't chose it. You experience it.

    I am bisexual myself and I didn't know that I was after kissing a girl. I was always attracted to guys but I never thought about being attracted to girls. After a small kiss from a girl, I couldn't stop thinking about how amazing it felt. But I still liked guys. At first I got very confused but now that I got to know that it is an okay thing, I learned to accept myself of being bisexual. After all those years of fear of anyone finding out that I liked both genders, I now classify myself as bisexual. Only after that experience.

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