• Yes, I believe a childs sexuality has already been determined before birth.

    I have heard people say that gay individuals were made that way by some experience in their childhood that profoundly affected them. I believe that sexuality is determined in the womb and then it is up to us to make the choice as to how we will live. People in our lives may have an effect on whether or not we are able to admit our sexuality, but basically, we are what we are.

  • Yes, in most cases it is.

    Sexual orientation is usually, especially in the male of the species, genetically determined, so that means it is determined in the womb. The gay males I have known since they were infants have reflected such traits even as little boys and so there was no chance that they only chose this as a lifestyle later.

  • Sexuality Cannot be Changed

    Where ever sexuality is formed, it is something that cannot be changed. With the nature versus nurture argument, sexuality definitely falls in the nature category. Because of this, sexuality is ultimately formed well before other factors happen, so while a baby is growing, sexuality is determined at a cellular level.

  • Eye and hair color are not the only things created in the womb

    Sexuality is determined in the womb. The culmination of what makes a human being in fact human, includes not only eye color, hair color, and sex, but also sexuality. Even though it takes until puberty for this preference to appear, the makings of sexuality are all created while a person is in his/her mother's womb.

  • Sexuality is dependent on the child's surroundings

    No, I do not believe that sexuality is determined in the womb. The sex is determined in the womb, that is whether it will be a male of female, but the sexuality is based on society. Females are directed to act in a certain way, while males are directed to act in another way. If parents are not pushing to either direction, the child is free to chose what he or she will or will ont do as a meale or a female.

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