Is sexualization slowly destroying the music industry?

Asked by: Atlas01
  • The music industry has been going down hill since the 1990s

    Because people seen Rock music as dirty and rebellious and pop music as more family fiendly . Untell artests like Madonna Britney Spears . Christina Aguilera and the spice girls introduced small mild sexuality . But when artests like Jennifer Lopez Beyonce and especially lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus got hardcore sexuality . Now pop music is the dirty music . So yes sexuality is destroying the music industry and so are the jews who own it

  • Search for studies....

    Ask an intelligent person that cares for people they don't know. If you if think its harmless your either naive or don't care. .

    Hypersexualization of girls can refer to girls being depicted or treated as sexual objects. It also means sexuality that is inappropriately imposed on girls through media, marketing or products directed at them that encourages them to act in adult sexual ways.

  • It's harmful to the society

    All this sexuality is harmful to young girls. Girls grow up thinking that they have to have big breasts and be incredibly thin. And it's harmful to the celebrities too. No one's body should be portrayed this way. I personally think that music is turning into porn. With all the sexually explicit content and lyrics.

  • It's killing viewers

    Everyone is stopping to watch music not sexual scenes so as more and more videos are put up less people want to watch them. STOP SEXUAL SCENES their are kids who don't have a clue what the scenes mean so they are learning this crap at younger ages. STOP THIS NOW!

  • Music is now Mass Conditioning.

    Just try and count how many songs containing suggestive lyrics pass through popular radio stations over the span of a few hours. When you really think about it, the majority of what is seen and heard is something we would feel fairly uncomfortable for a child to be exposed to, yet they hear and see just as much if not sometimes more. The worship of pop idols who profit from the exploitation of their sexuality and shock- value image, perpetuate misconceptions about gender roles through the sexualization of children.

  • It's becoming boring

    Weel, maybe it's not destroying industry but is destroying music as an art form. And, in fact, industry does that with or without sex because it's aim is to sell aproduct, not to promote art. And entertainment industry is destroying society because it earns billions of dollar that are not used to improve society and benefeit society, they are not used for production of anything that can have real material value. This money helps a select few who keep it for themselves - it's just like burning money for nothing. And, of course they aim for sex and everythng that can appeal to primal urges bcause it's the easisest way. It will and does have consequences like societal decline and collapse but - they do not care,they have their billions, they can be safe, they can buy safety and commotion most people don't have. Sad thing is, they aim for really young so that they can grab them before they can develop critical thinking. Really sad.

  • The commercialized music industry is not about music anymore, it's about shock and vulgarity

    I've heard that Nazi Germany's popular culture was in a great decline, which scares me because I don't know how it could get worse at this point. I used to love music; I used to write songs and be in the music industry. Within it, there are some of the lowest human life forms, but there are also so brilliant, kind gems. Now, it seems, the whole industry is infected with evil. I'm talking about commercialized music. It could kill your soul. I feel sorry for teenagers today!

  • Music is now porn

    Yes, it's got to the point where each music video that gets made is a soft core porn film. The music industry make the female artists feel the need to show everything except the insides of their vagina (that might change) i.e. Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Miley Cyrus. Most of it is to program the children that watch these videos (at a young age) to be more sexual.

  • Music has become more like porn

    Yes, it's got to the point where each music video that gets made is a soft core porn film. The music industry makes the female artists feel that they need to show everything except the insides of their vagina (that might change soon) i.e. Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Miley Cyrus are are few of these accepting individuals. Most of it is to programme the children that watch these videos (at a young age) to be more sexual. There's some sick people at the top controlling all this.

  • The music industry is already destroyed

    It's been that way for some time, the mainstream music industry is about sex and image, but it has recently been ramped up and is disturbingly overt in its sexual content and nature. Madonna, Gaga, Cyrus, Rihanna, Spears etc are enslaved servants to the music industry Beast, not artists expressing their musical talents, actually they can't even sing very well. Trouble is, they have influence over our children and we need to find a way to stop their filth poisoning innocent minds.

  • It's shitty music simplistic,dumbed down music not sex

    SEX IS AMAZING. It's the reason we are alive .
    Sex is good!!! It's Natural!. It's the fact theres no edgy political stance, or anything genuine art wise. I love sexual music that means something and while not every song has to be meaningful- things can be legendary AND JUST FUN but i think it's gone to far.

  • Every generation think it's too risky

    Granted that things have become very racy in music over the past years. However, this is not just attributable to music but also to TV, Movies, and other media mediums. Every generation starting from Elvis thought that the 'new thing' was too sexual and would be harmful to children. I disagree.

  • It has always been like this

    What people don't realize is that music has always been sexualized but it was never explicit it's just artists aren't as shy about saying things as they were long back. Not all music is sexualized and if it it's for a reason. I mean you choose what you want to listen to and if you listen to sexual music then it's your choice. From Marvin Gaye and before that it has been the same but it is just EXPLICIT now!!!

  • No, sh*tty music si what is destroying the music industry

    I cannot tell you how many times I have been ear-raped every time I turn on the radio by Kanye West or whatever the hell Bieber is putting out these days..... Sexualization and music can live in harmony, but sh*tty music and music cannot, they are natural enemies and if we want to save the music industry there is only one thing we can do....

    Kill Bieber.

    And One Direction.

    And anyone else a majority of people dont like.

    Mostly Bieber and One Direction though.

    Seriously One Direction is gayer then Prince and George Takei having a duet on a rainbow while having buttsex with a unicorn....

  • Evolutionary psychology tells us otherwise

    According to scientists, everything we do has a biological function, or else we wouldn't be doing it.

    Music is a mating call. Music is an inborn, innate, genetically inherited ability that helps to attract mates. Otherwise music wouldn't exist, since there would be no need to pass it on. Music is also homologous to mating calls in other species.

    People seem to create the most music during their teens and twenties, when sexual urges are highest. They tend to "burn out" after settling down and having a family, when the urges are at a low. So it's clear that music (and other art forms) and sex are related.

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