• His naysayers prove he was the greatest writer of all time ...

    Do you know of another writer who has legions of crazies trying to disprove that wrote his own works? I say crazies because the proof he wrote his works is right in forewords of The First Folio where people who knew him in life sing his praises. Ironically without these friends having preserved his works the crazies would never even have known about Will to begin with to come up with their cockeyed theories. Their motivation is somewhat the same as the Kennedy assassination conspiracies where no one wants to believe that one man with an eleven dollar mail order rifle could so change the world. This is the same mentality present with the loonies who think Shakespeare didn't write his own plays. They can't accept that a "country bumpkin" from Stratford-Upon-Avon could be the greatest writer the world has ever known so they invent wild stories that fly in face of the abundant facts.
    Just their crazy doubts are ultimately the sincerest form of flattery, and in their doubts they prove there is no other author so great as to deserve an army of loonies trying to convince us that he is not so great.

  • Who could be more famous?

    He has written many many famous plays. We use the phrases today that he invented and had said. His plays fit into every genres (tragedy,comedy ect). His plays make you cry, they make you laugh. I believe William created irony and humour in life. Who's better than William shakespeare? Exactly none .

  • In my humble opinion

    He has influenced many writers and play-writes in his time and ours. His work needs explanation just like Homer's and Aristotle's. Not everyone thinks the same way so anyone's works would have to be explained to someone. To talk say that he is the greatest writer of all time is a bit much but he is a very influential and fantastic author. His plays are basic but so are most, it is how you present it and the way it is received that makes it great. I have not read all his writing nor do I plan to but there is something beautiful about the way he describes his characters, and scenes. He is one of the greatest writers thus far. That isn't to say that there aren't better writers because every record is broken eventually, but he is one of the few writers that mostly everyone has heard of AND read.

  • He definitely is

    Shakespeare has made so many words today that we couldn't describe our emotions like laughable or mournful. He wrote about his son an that he cares to change things like Dali did in art. It doesn't matter what is happening outside the theater he is the greatest writer there was.

  • He definitely is

    Shakespeare has made so many words today that we couldn't describe our emotions like laughable or mournful. He wrote about his son an that he cares to change things like Dali did in art. It doesn't matter what is happening outside the theater he is the greatest writer there was.

  • Yes he was

    He was definetly the greatest writer of time because he has influcend many schools and theatres. He is hugely remebered for his magnnificent work and should never be forgetten. If you think he is confusing think again. He morals effect everyone and inspire them to do many good things in life.

  • Got to give it to him

    For me, no. He is not my favourite. However, in terms of effect, Shakespeare is in a league of his own. His influence on literature and the arts cannot be understated. No sane person can deny his brilliance, and if you do, I would advise you to look again. His control of language, his combination of wit and drama and the power of some of his soliloquies are what really make me feel like, if the title of 'Greatest writer' has to go to somebody, it has to be Shakespeare

  • Because there will be no one like him.

    There are not a lot of people who can define the very dept's of the human soul separating good and evil. He din't make bad look good as do some writers do,he knew what was right and wrong and was inspired by human nature to create his poem and play and books we have come to love today.

  • Genius cannot be explained

    Shakespeare wrote so much at a time in England's history that his work could have cost him his life . The stage & players were considered a danger to the state by the Cecil family who were prime ministers in all but name. To snub your thumb at the high& mighty alone makes Shakespeare great. It is true there were many other playwrights & hundreds of plays most lost in the mist of time which is so very sad. Shakespeare's 37plays& 154 sonnets have lasted the test of time .My comments WILL not God bless you master Shakespeare whoever you were.

  • Of course. Who can compete?

    Prior to reading King Lear, and having only read the bard in school, I was a skeptic. However, on picking up Lear, my first play for fun, I can say that no one even comes close. King Lear, in particular, is rich is political condemnation, tragedy, explanation and realisation of human need, and a real entry into the realms of suffering and sadness.

    I challenge anyone reading this to read the Act IV conversation between Lear and Gloucester and say that anyone has ever been equal to this man's genius.

  • Only from an English major's point of view

    Greatness is a very individualised standard of measurement. To say such and such is the Greatest is an opinion. Not a statement of fact. All the opinions in the universe can not change an opinion into a fact. Given that, my opinion is:
    Shakespeare is largely responsible for modern live theater in the western world. For that alone he deserves credit. And while his language was, at one time, intense and full of meaning, that is no longer true. All language evolves. And thus the ways of conveying meaning. The conveyance of meaning is the purpose of writing and acting. By modern standards, the language of Shakespeare IS over-wrought, almost to the point of being a different language. To understand his meaning, you have to understand his use of old, almost ancient, words and phrases. It is an English alien to most of modern man. As much so as Middle English. The greatest writer of all time will be able to convey his/her full meaning to everyone without explanation.
    I belief Shakespeare continues to be presented as the Greatest is because so many persons use his work as an egotistical touchstone to indicate culture and education. To determine who is and who is not "cultured".

  • All time hasn't happened yet.

    As the title says. Also, to even have the impudence to say that Shakespeare is the greatest writer of all time and not merely past time while not thinking about the future leads to some bias. The reason why shakespeare is considered the "best" is because of his intouchability. Even if better literature was produced that withstood the test of time and was beloved by all, because Shakespeare is the best there will be none better than Shakespeare, even if they are.

  • Shakespeare was not the greatest writer.

    Though many English majors will argue he was, I firmly disagree. If you have ever read any of his plays, the plots are somewhat shallow and always tragic. If anything, he wrote soap operas. In terms of the actual English language, he wrote in slang. It was not even proper English. I admit, he did write good morals and tied all the loose ends together in his stories, but it was not enough to be the best writer ever.

  • There are other cultures that produce such writers

    China Russia India and many others have produced writers... Asian countries are not that well marketed in the west. Punjab for example has qissas such as Heer Ranjha with far more beautiful language than Romeo and Juliet. No one writer is that great. There are opinions on who is great at any one time and who in each language. Shakespere may be great in English but others are so in their languages. Some transcend languages and they are truly great.

  • "Greatest" writer of all times?

    Sure, he may have great works (and I enjoy them) but I mean, there are other great writers in this world like Robert Frost. Shakespeare can be one of the greatest writers of all time, but certainly there isn't a "the" greatest for the whole world. It could be for one's opinion, but not for mine.

  • Maybe if he's all you've ever read

    that would be the case, but in terms of art no one artist can be objectively labeled as 'the best'. While Shakespeare was undoubtedly an amazing writer, he didn't close the book on talent. To suggest such and deprive others of the right to choose for themselves who they believe the best writer of all time is is unfair.

  • No!

    I love Shakespeare and all his writing and poetry although, he is not the greatest writer of all time as there isn't such a thing as the "greatest writer". I believe that he is an amazing writer but there are plenty others who are just as great or even better. If he was the best everyone would be talking about him but no. Many others are great writers and personally, he isn't the best in MY opinion.

  • He is overrated

    Plays such as Romeo and Juliet are merely early attempts at taking advantage of teen angst. Most of his plays are very formulaic but I must admit there is usually comedy to be found. That being said the funniest play I know has to be "the Importance of Being Ernest". Arguably Homer is an even more legendary and better writer than Shakespeare. It is possible Shakespeare was the greatest writer of his day but even that is debatable.

  • Not Likely

    Being the greatest writer is different from person to person. To say that Shakespeare is the greatest writer of all time suggests he was the most liked writer/ most read/ most influential writer of all time. He wasn't any of the three so therefore he can't be the greatest writer of all time.

  • I don't think so..

    His writings have definitely made a great impact on writers and literature but being very influential does not mean he is the greatest by any means. And on top of that, I find his stories to be rather boring despite his old time word choice (which I find to be interesting) and I'd say that Jonathon Stroud is better than Shakespeare any day.

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Anonymous says2013-05-09T10:04:18.050
Shakespeare is extremely hard to understand from a modern perspective .. But the eloquence is his English and the deeper meanings he can convey with words is what sets him apart from any writer of all time ... Plus his stories are amazing if you look at it from a plot oriented view ... In the modern world, Shakespeare would be overwrought and clearly overdone ... Nobody speaks with such wit and puns ... But that's another reason why he's the greatest .. Nobody will ever write with his clever ... The Founding Fathers were greatly influenced by Shakspeare actually and you can see that in the documents of the early U.S. Government.

He is by far one of the best twisters of the English language of all time .. But maybe certainly not the most plot savvy writer ... There are great writers that will fully encompass a plot from start to end that make it all a unified theme and message ... Shakespeare isn't like that.