Is shame and blame an effective way to change teenage behavior?

  • Yes it is

    As kids they need to know what's right and wrong and timeout is not an effective way of doing it, As kids when your mom and dad sit you down to talk to you you know you don't take it as seriously as you should and of course it all depends on the severity that you take it. By all means don't drive them insane with it. And to say that they want to be adults and to start treating them like it is stupid, Because in the real world if you do something wrong or speak out of turn then you can could possibly lose your job or maybe demoted; in the real world you get blamed when you do something, You don't get to blame someone else. When a child does something wrong you shouldn't reason with them, Point blank, It won't show them that their actions have equal consequences.

  • Shame and blame is not an effective way to change teenage behavior.

    Shame and blame is not an effective way to change teenage behavior. Shame and blame just leads to further consequences in the future. The best way to change a teenage behavior is by having someone that can talk to them and be able to reason with them. They want to be adults so lets start treating them as such.

  • No it's not

    I definitely do not think that shame and blame is an effective way to change teenage behavior. I think it has the opposite affect. Teenagers need to be guided and understood. They need to learn to accept responsibility for the things that they do but they also need guidance. They are young and make mistakes. We were all teenager at one time.

  • No, it never works.

    Shaming anyone and especially a teenager never really works. What usually happens instead is that the teenager is just left with a negative view about themselves and what they are doing it and do it anyway. When it comes to shaming kids for having sex, or shaming them for being overweight, it rarely if ever gets them to stop doing the behavior.

  • Shame and blame will only make them hide their actions

    No, I do not believe that shame and blame is effective for teenage or smaller children. If you are constantly making a child feel ashamed, they will most likely not come to you with their problems or concerns. Furthermore, the actions that caused them shame may just be hidden so that you can not see them, but they are still there and may become a serious issue later.

  • Last thing they need

    Shaming a human being is only going to significantly degrade their self-confidence and make them doubt themselves. If there are consequences to actions, teenagers are perfectly capable of learning it on their own. They don't need to be told an action (especially sexual) is wrong and be forced to live with guilt and shame for the rest of their lives.

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