Is shameless self-promotion necessary to be a successful artist or musician?

Asked by: cludwig
  • Yes, and it should be shameless, because there's NOTHING WRONG WITH IT.

    When you create something beautiful, it is worth sharing. There is no shame in going to social media with a post saying "look at what I made, I can make it for you, if you want to pay me!"

    Not only does it reinforce the artists brand, but it strengthens their ties to the community, and it creates a dialogue which can be used to promote their business.

    Why is a corporation's PR effort's considered not shameful or wrong, but an individual should be ashamed of self-promoting?

    When you're old enough to own a business, you will realize how important, essential and vital self-promotion is.

  • I am sad to say that yes, it is.

    Shameless self-promotion is nothing short of pretentious and annoying. Gimmicks, endless social media posts, videos and blogs seem to be the gospel for musicians. Unfortunately, that means that most of the hidden and humble talent gets lost in the yelling, screaming, monkey costumes and mountains of general such weirdness garbage.

  • Class gets you farther:

    I think that letting your works speak for themselves is smarter than trying to forcefully imply your own greatness. Self-promotion is not inherently some horrible thing or about screaming to the masses constantly about your own contributions to the world. Instead often it's more or less about just being honest about what you do and being humble with your skills. You sell your artwork at fairs, you put it up in small galleries, you offer commissions and so forth but this isn't blathering on and on about how absolutely astounding you are.

    The only problem with artisan arts is that you may not be as talented as you think and therefore may feel the sting of the silent rejection of others.

  • Shameless self promotion is awful.

    Shameless self promotion is the worst. Of course, I advocated against such things when it was the "uncool" thing to do. People like TheRationalist have been fighting self-promotion for years. In fact, ive seen many people post shameless self promoting opinions on this website, unlike TheRationalist. To learn more, please visit my channel.

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