• Shaq carried Kobe

    Out of the 3 chips they won together Shaq won 2 finals mvp and kobe got 1, Kobe couldn't with out a great big man; Shaq pulled defenders away from Kobe in the mid-range and 3-point line because Shaq got double teamed more than any other player in history so players had to be ready with the help D on Shaq and when they did Kobe was wide open, And we all know that Kobe has the most misses of all time so if he missed the wide open shot it didn't matter because once the D saw Kobe wide open they collapsed onto him leaving Shaq open to gran the board and put it back to clean up Kobe's mess or give it to Kobe again for a second chance he wouldn't have without a powerful big.

  • Shaq would rape Kobe like a Colorado waitress

    1 on 1 Kobe would get destroyed. Shaq is more irreplaceable and by far the most dominant center of the modern era. Many other players are as good at guard as Kobe. . . Shaq is only 1 of 3 to ever win scoring title and nba tittle in the same season

  • Kobe couldn't win without Shaq.

    Without Shaq, Kobe was useless. He could not win a title and he could not win a game. He ended up putting up less point than he did with Shaq on his team. Therefor, Shaq carried the Lakers when he was with them. The better player, obviously Shaq, nothing else.

  • Better overall player

    You can argue rings (which are won by teams) or esoteric nonsense like clutch (which assumes that points count for more at the end of the game); but truth is prime Shaq did more to contribute to winning games than prime Kobe.

    Kobe was a good player for a longer period of time though

  • Kobe couldn't win without Shaq and Pau

    When Shaq and Kobe were together and won 3 rings, guess who won the finals MVP, Shaq did. Kobe would have 2 or 3 games where he would do great but for the most part it was Shaq. When SHaq left Kobe Struggled even get 30 wins while Shaq was making the playoffs and eventually the finals with the heat. Then Pau came and he won some.

  • Shaq Is better than kobe

    I know that kobe has one more wards than shaq most of the times, but shaq played 19 years while kobe played 25 years. That is a six year differnece and he could have one awards. But shaq has one more awards than kobe in other things like rookie of year and also the years that kobe won the awards shaq was like one or 2 years off even though kobe played 6 more years. Also I think shaq is better than kobe is because he was more dominat. Nobody could stop him and that is all they did back then ive it to shaq. But nowdays, to be a center or a power forward you now lift weights and eat a lot. And it is more than point guards show like kobe but when shaq played nobday could stop hoim he has impossible whitch lead him into winning 1 MVP award with a15 straight years going to all star. Kobe having a tolat of 20,056 points, with only making only 477 percent shot out of 1000 whitch mean he missed half of his shots and a little less whitch is not very good. Whiel shaq mad 28,596 points and is the 8th highest scoring person in history and averge d a 565 percent shot with is very good for scoring 28,596. This is why I think shaq is better than kobe.

  • Shaw is easily better

    Shaq was pure dominance. He was extremely intimidating in the middle, could always score when needed, and made others better. Shaq took three teams with vastly different casts to the Finals. He was by far the best player on both the Magic and Lakers teams, and when Kobe didn't put team first against Detroit they got swept.

    Kobe was nothing after Shaq left until they put a terrific crew around him. Kobe needs tons of shots, demands the ball, is arrogant and turns off teammates, not to mention ratting on them in feuds. If Kobe has used his mind instead of his ego, he and Shaq could have won possibly 7-10 back to back titles. They had a great supporting cast.

  • Kobe fans are blind sad

    Bro the offensive ran through shaq
    yes kobe did help but without shaq kobe wouldn't have been able to do it its that simple
    in the three finals shad had the three map finals not kobe
    If kobe wasnt selfish he couldve helped shaq stay on the lakers and they couldve won even more rings

  • Kobe better player

    Yes Kobe needed Shaq to win the playoffs but Kobe was a better player than Shaq. Like Lebron needed Kyrie. Kobe needed Shaq to win the title but Kobe was the better player than Shaq because of more rings, been on more all NBA teams and was a better defender.

  • Shaq Carried Kobe

    Without a big man Kobe doesnt win any championships. He had bynum and Gasol when he won the championships when Andrew was in his prime getting 3 blocks a game. He wasnt focused on as much as Shaq. They had to double team and triple team him in order to stop him. Come on now with a powerful big man the post is lock down on both sides so they can divert there attention to the perimeter causing everyone to focus on Kobe which would have them not even in the playoffs like they were then

  • Kobe is G.O.A.T.

    Shaq played on 6 teams and has 4 rings, 3 of them was at the Lakers with Kobe.. 1 was with D-Wade. He won 3 of 4 championships with Kobe!!!! Everyone says Kobe only won cause of shaq but it's the other way around... 6 Rings > 4 Rings. KOBE.

  • Who can stop kobe

    Shaquille can never stop Kobe because Kobe Bryant is one of the toughest player in the universe. Also Shaq is not the 1st player who is good only Kobe Bryant is. Shaq is even not the third or 2nd player who is good two. The 2nd player who is good is maybe Michael Jordon.

  • Shaq is not better than Kobe

    Shaq is heavy to hit a three point range.But Kobe is like thin to hit a three point range so what i mean for Kobe like he can hit a three and from downtown and dunk,shoot twos and i get like so exited and and he shoots for the win and he scores.

  • No, Shaq is not better than Kobe

    They're both two of the ten greatest ever, no doubt about that, but there's just no way I can say Shaq was better. More efficient? Yes. More dominant? Obviously, but Shaq had a physical advantage over his opponents that Kobe doesn't have. Kobe, despite being much smaller, is a much better scorer, shooter, better passer, a relatively better defender compared to others at their position, and Kobe is a much, much better free throw shooter. Simply no excuse for a pro to miss almost as many free throws as they make.

    Kobe is also a much harder worker and much more skilled than Shaq and that's what separates the two imo.

  • No, He's Not. Better than Kobe

    What could Shaq do that Kobe couldn't? Kobe was considered the sidekick to Shaq but Kobe could score better than Shaq and he has two more rings without Shaq. In his Prime, Shaq could clobber any center that stepped in his way, same with Kobe at the guard position. Those two will be forever linked together, but overall skill wise and stat wise, Kobe would rank higher all time than Shaq

  • Kobe is Better than Shaq

    Some say that Coach Jackson chose Kobe over Shaw because he was younger but that is not true. Kobe was an all-around player, he had leadership, endurance, confidence, and he also played with unbelievable skill in all the championships that Shaq had won, he always had a star guard by his side. Kobe and Wade are terrific players. Shaq was useful on defensive, but he was lousy on offense. Though he did score some 30 points per game, only because he was big. He was a lousy shooter, and couldn't make a free throw to save his life.

  • Shaq is not better than Kobe because the Lakers made the choice to keep Kobe

    While Shaq and Kobe are both good basketball players, Kobe has worked hard to improve his game. He also has not involved himself into any negative slinging. Shaq was only two seasons from retiring, therefore, it was his time to go. There seemed to be no more room for improvement from the Shaq.

  • Shaq is not better than Kobe, at least not based on technical ability

    If the basis for which the two are being compared is technical ability, it seems that Kobe may be better than Shaq. Kobe has been referred to as the next Michael Jordan, and has displayed some impressive skills on the basketball court. However, if the basis for the comparison is personality, Shaq has got Kobe beat by a land slide.

  • No, Shaq is not better than Kobe.

    In fact, I believe that the two players should not really be compared as they played different positions and do many things differently. That said, Kobe is probably the second-best player of all-time as of right now. The only player who is assuredly better was Michael Jordan. Shaq had a period of a few years where he was the most dominant player in the league but Kobe kept up his dominance for a much longer period of time.

  • Shaq Is Not Better Than Kobe

    Shaq is one of the best players to ever step on an NBA court but he is not better than Kobe. Kobe is one of the best Lakers and players to ever play in the League. Kobe has better career stats than Shaq and he also has more championships to his name.

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