• Yes, it is

    Yes, I believe shopping is a female-dominated activity. In movies, TV and other media, shopping is almost always depicted with women. Shopping is a sport for women, especially around any major holiday and Black Friday. More ads cater to women because companies know that it's women who dominate the shopping world.

  • Yes, it definitely is.

    Shopping is a female dominated activity because it is something that most women do for leisure and consider to be fun. It is similar how to when guys want guy time they go fishing or golfing. I do not know of any men who enjoy shopping. Therefore, I believe it is more of a female activity.

  • No shopping isn't.

    I'm a woman and I can't stand shopping.. I dread going to the store anytime I have to go. Unless its for necessary things, I don't care to shop. Others do,.. Including men.. I've met a few men that "love" shopping.. So its no just a woman thing its a man thing too.. Just depend on the person more than anything..

  • No, it is dominated

    By Materialistic humans who have nothing better to do with their time or money.

    What these people should be doing is something productive for humanity or themselves instead of being selfish and wasting currency on things of no real value. Then again that's my opinion. Word. Word. Word. Word. Fifty.

  • No, it's pretty even.

    When I think about women and shopping, I immediately imagine the quintessential 1950's family. At that time women by in large were the household shoppers. While the man was at work making the money the women would go into to done and buy what she felt the house needed. It was a housewife's responsibility and opportunity to socialize so many women enjoyed it, which created the stereotype. Nowadays I think some people shop because they have to and others do it as a hobby. It is my opinion that both scenarios have equal male/female participation.

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