• As a meme it is overrated

    I think Shrek as a meme is overrated. Even me myself that has only been hardcore watching memes 3 years ago (I’ve been watching memes since like 2015, Just casually like sometimes on your timeline you see a meme and I’m like cool), I think it starts to get annoying. Sure maybe the characters are good, But the people who overrate it is the problem.
    ‘Everywhere I go, I see his face’

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  • 100% he is

    I think that anyone who posts on to the no side is just a memer or a diehard fan. I do think it is a good movie but like common man. Also the first one was ok but the last one is just bad. Shreks gotten memes and shirts and stuffed plushies like where do we draw the line. I bet you could go up to anyone and ask if they knew about shrek and only like 3% would say whose Shrek. Like seriously where do we draw the line.

  • No and anyone who doesn't like Shrek can Kiss my Ass

    You don't like Shrek? Why is that bucko? I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you've never watched Shrek. But by golly if you have, I don't know and don't want to know what sort of a miserable old sod you are. I'll be damned if you're not the saddest person alive. Shrek is the good stuff, Buddy.

  • It is a classic movie

    It makes fun of Disney and the whole Disney princess trope. It has all of the fairy tale creatures as funny characters. I liked this version of Pinocchio the 3 blind mice and the modern references.
    Granted it started to get stale in the 3hd movie and they pushed it with the 4th movie.
    The characters seem more believable and actual characters that think for themselves not Disney characters who act illogical for the plot.

  • No way clowns

    How can you overrate shrek? Yeah he's an animated family movie with a donkey and royal family living far far away and Prince charming got what he deserved. So I do not think shrek is overrated in any way but if you would beg to differ, Find me somewhere close to here okay bye.

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