Is Sidney Crosby a better player than Alexander Ovechkin?

  • Crosby is so much better

    I think 3 Stanley cups, 2 Olympic medal, World championship, World junior championship, And a world cup of hockey speaks for itself. It was nice to see Ovechkin finally win a Stanley cup but this just proves it. Ovechkin is for sure the better goal scorer but besides that there is nothing else. Crosby will end his career with more points than him. Ovechkin has had the players he needed by his side in the playoffs but he did not break through.

  • Crosby Tops Ovechkin

    Crosby is just an overall better player than Ovechkin. I hate the Penguins and Crosby as much as the next guy, but he's still better. Ovechkin is one of the greatest goal scorers of all time, but he does not have everything, like Crosby. There are tons of highlight videos on YouTube that showcase different aspects of Crosby- from his puck protection, to his passes, all the way to his edges. The only Ovechkin videos you will find are full of him shooting. Also, the gold medals, Stanley Cups, and trophies speak for themselves. As well as the stats too. Crosby is just an overall better player than Ovechkin. End of discussion

  • Crosby is better

    My good friend Hannah Orens is a die hard Washington Capitals fan. Her favorite player is Alex Ovechkin. Despite this she still willingly agrees that Sidney Crosby is significantly better. I completely agree with her. The man is dominant is all aspects of the game, he is not just a scorer like Ovechkin is. Since someone who hates the Pittsburgh Penguins and Sidney Crosby so much voluntarily agrees to Crosby being better than Ovechkin, I’m sticking with that.

  • Crosby is way better

    My good friend Hannah Orens is a die hard capitals fan. But she even agrees that Ovechkin is no where near as good as Crosby. She can’t stand the penguins and Crosby but she is still willing to accept the fact that Ovechkin is no where near as good. Sidney Crosby will forever be better than Alexander Ovechkin.

  • Crosby. It’s not even close.

    Even if you take Stanley Cups out of the argument, Crosby is still better. He does more for the team than Ovechkin. As it’s been stated Ovechkin just scores. Crosby does everything. He’s like a Swiss Army knife. Anyone that says that Ovechkin is better clearly doesn’t pay attention to the sport.

  • I'd say Crosby is the better player

    While it's just more difficult to get goals than to get assists (as there is only one point to goals and two to assists), I'd still say that Crosby is the better player.

    Over roughly the same amount of games, Crosby's lifetime +/- rating is about 60% higher than that of Ovechkin. (today: 154 to 95 respectively) which tells me that he's more focussed upon limiting the other team from scoring while at the same time, being able to score himself.

    At the same time, when he was focussed more upon scoring, Crosby did win the scoring title and often, he was well on his way to winning the title until he was injured. He may well have been 200 points ahead of Ovechkin had he stayed healthy. He also captained his teams to three Stanley Cups during this time and when he was not healthy, his team did poorly throughout the playoffs.

  • Sidney Crosby is better

    In the start of there careers undeniably ovechkin was better, however over the years ovechkin went to me first, not team first. Crosby has always been a team player and gets far less PIM. Lets not forget that crosby has played 707 games and got 338 G and 600 A, 938P
    Oveckin has played 839 games therefore giving him the advantage to having more points.
    Crosby has also won two gold medals and a stanley cup

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  • Of course Crosby

    Look at the resume: 2 Olympic Gold Medals, Stanley Cup, Triple Gold Club + any award that Ovi has won Crosby has also won.
    Team player: Sid's always moving up and down the ice creating chances to score. He plays well both offensively and deffencively.
    Clean record: Crosby doesn't need any cheap hits to be the world's best player. Unlike Ovechkin he has a clean history without any nasty hits.
    Ovechkin's a great player but does not compare to Crosby.

  • Crosby is by far the better player

    Crosby does everything. He scores, assists, plays defense, back checks. He does all of the little things to help the team. Ovechkin just scores. He stands around and watches his teammates do all the hard work. He only looks for his shot. He's lazy and never helps on defense. I can't even believe anyone thinks this is even close. There is no comparison. Ovechkin is a scorer, that's it. Crosby is an all around great hockey player

  • Sidney Crosby is the best in the NHL.

    Sidney Crosby is the best in the NHL. Sidney Crosby has the most trophies,points,and the best leadership. The only reason why Alex Ovechkin has the most goals is because he decides to be selfish and shoots the puck. Sidney Crosby actually passes the puck which leads to goals. Sidney Crosby still has goals but not as many as Alex Ovechkin. Sidney Crosby is easily the best player in the NHL. Better than Alex Ovechkin.

  • Yes Sid The Kid

    Crosby is better,assists,points and great leadership to any team. Leading team to Stanley ,Olympics gold. Ovechkin only gets goals because he always sits in his left side and waits for the puck to come to him and sometimes even misses so I say definitely Crosby over Ovechkin. LETS!!! GO!!! PENS!!! Sid The Kid87#

  • Alex Ovechkin is better

    Alex Ovechkin scores more goals and got picket first in the 2004 draft. He wins more trophies than Sidney Crosby. Alex Ovechkin is the most famous player in the nhl. Alex Ovechkin has had more experience and has been more trained than Sidney Crosby. Ovechkin and Crosby both play their position.

  • Better at different things

    I am a die hard fan for Ovechkin, he is my main man. I think they are both great players, but they are better then eachother in different ways. Yes the fact the Crosby has a Stanley cup is true, but that doesn't make him a better play. You cant use that statement because Crosby didn't achieve that by himself, but say that you make him seem selfish.
    I think Ovechkin is the better play based of status. He has more over all goals then Crosby. But this will be a topic that no one can agree with, because we all think we are right, they are both hall of fame players. But yet so much diffrent

  • Ovechkin is better

    Ovechkin is an amazing player. All Crosby can do is assist and he's assisting guys like Malking, Igunla etc. Ovechkin has to lead his team basically by himself. He is the only reason they even stand a chance. His team isn't nearly as good as the Pens yet with him they somehow make it. That's why Ovechkin a better!

  • No

    I do not say no because I personally favor one over the other myself, but, it is not fair to say one is most definitely better than they other. They both have qualities about them that make them very good players and make them very good at what they do. Of course they both have their downfalls and negatives that the other might not have, but, neither of them can be categorized as better than the other.

  • Ovechkin is Simply Better

    He has more experience and while they are both phenomenal players, I can only see Alexander Ovechkin as the supreme candidate in this situation. Were it a battle of character, then I would vote Sidney Crosby, but that's not the debate at hand. There is simply no doubt whatsoever.

  • Not at this time

    Ovechkin can bring a level of hard hitting to the game that Crosby can not, to the point that he nearly beheaded Jagr during an Olympic game of all things. They're both highly effective scorers, both mediocre defensively with Crosby probably being a little better. Two elite players anybody would be happy to have, I'd give Ovechkin a slight nod.

  • No

    No, I don't think that Sidney Crosby is a better player than Alexander Ovechkin. Who's to say that one player is better than another? Both have their strengths and their weaknesses and overall, both of them are excellent players in their own ways. Sidney Crosby is a good player, though.

  • Goals and Hits

    That Crosby is better is a North American-centric point of view. Crosby is indeed a great, Great player. But Ovechkin is superior. Why? Two reasons: Goals and hits. Yes, Over their two careers, Crosby has averaged more points per game, But Ovechkin is way ahead in goals. Playmaking and assists, Obviously, Matter. But the goal scorer is the finisher. Without the finish, There is no score. Hockey, Unlike soccer, Awards up to two assists per goal, Which cheapens assists further. Ovechkin is not nearly as great a player as Gretzky or Orr, And he probably will not pass Gretzky's career goal-scoring record before he hangs up his skates. But the Great 8 will go down in history as the greatest goal scorer ever--because he plays in a much more difficult era than Gretzky for scoring, Because of the percentage of his team's goals he has scored over his career (no. 1 all time), Because of the number of times he has led the league in goals (at 7, Tied all time with Bobby Hull), Because he already is the all-time leader in overtime goals, And because he will probably wind up with all-time most game-winning goals. Add to this Ovechkin's physical play, And he really separates himself from Sid. Ovechkin hits and hits and hits, And he wears down the opponent in a way that will never show up on the scoresheet. Many people will point to Crosby's three Stanley Cups to Alex's one (and to Crosby's gold medals), And while there is something to this the difference is mostly attributable to better coaching and to having a stronger supporting cast in those specific years.

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