• Absolutely without a doubt:

    Silicon Valley had been encouraging prostitution through MyRedbook for a while using it as a tool and safety net for prostitutes in the area. The wealthy spent incredible amounts of time simply enjoying this perk with no attempts to combat this as an immoral facet of life by anyone of note.

  • Silicon Valley is Encouraging Prostitution

    Silicon Valley is encouraging prostitution. Whenever you create an environment with few women and lots of money, prostitution can flourish. Sex workers gravitate to places with lots of wealth and they even accept Square App for payment! There are advertised "cougar night" parties, the prostitutes are branding themselves as "nerd-friendly" and there are an estimated 10,000 sex workers in Silicon Valley.

  • Yes, Silicon Valley is encouragin prostitution

    Silicon Valley is encouraging prostitution more than ever. With the recent death of Tim Hayes, the google executive who was overdosed by a prostitute, all eyes are on the silicon valley prostitution. It seems that with all the guys who are working in the tech industry, the prostitution business blooms parallel to it, and eveyrone beneftis in the end.

  • No, Silicon Valley is more interested in innovation than prostitution

    Silicon Valley creates some of the best technology the world has seen and with any great innovation it could be used to prosper the economy or encourage criminals to take advantage of it. In the case of prostitution, advancements in technology has certainly made it easier for some people to prostitue but that was not the original intent of the technology when it was created.

  • No, Silicon Valley is not encouraging prostitution.

    With the recent murder of a Google executive by a prostitute the sex industry in Silicon valley has come into sharp focus in the media, The truth is that where ever you go in the world there is a secretive sex industry. This is especially true in areas of great wealth such as Silicon value.

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