• Yes, Silcon Valley is harming low income individuals.

    SIlicon Valley is pushing out the people who live in Seattle and driving up prices to the point that affordable housing and living is no longer an option. The high demand for housing in certain parts of Seattle are making it impossible for low-income individuals to find a place to live.

  • Advances in technology benefit all

    There is a wealth distribution problem in the country and no doubt about it, fat cats in Silicon Valley benefit greatly. However, the advances made in technology, especially in the healthcare field, cannot be overlooked. A better question would be: How can Silicon Valley give back to those low-income individuals? Providing Job training, affordable housing and education would be good places to start.

  • No, I don't think Silicon Valley is harming low-income individuals.

    No, I do not agree that Silicon Valley is harming low income individuals. Silicon Valley is home to many startup companies as well as larger high tech companies. I think it is a good source of economy and job disbursement. Silicon Valley is an important part of California's economy right now.

  • No, Silicon Valley is not harming low-income individuals.

    While the inequality between classes seems to be increasing in Silicon Valley, I am going to argue on the side that states low-income individuals are not necessarily being harmed. It is actually the middle-class that is shrinking. While the high cost of living there is definitely an obstacle, jobs are also more plentiful and higher paying.

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