• Yes he is.

    Yes, Silvio Berlusconi is corrupt. If you take a look at all of his actions, it should be really easy to draw the conclusion that he is corrupt. Another good way to determine if someone is corrupt or not is someone asking if they are, as you don't see good people questioned.

  • Yes, but that's the norm in Italy.

    Silvio Berlusconi is obviously a corrupt politician, and there is no contradiction in that fact anywhere in the world. However, in Italy the corruption is much more blatant and expected and the people are not as naive as in other places about it. So of course this man is corrupt.

  • Yes, Silvo Berlusconi is corrupt.

    Yes, I do believe that Silvio Berlusconi is corrupt. This former prime minister has bribed people to join his party's ranks. He has embezzled A LOT of money. He is just extremely shady. There is no way that he is not corrupt. I think even he would agree that he's corrupt.

  • He doesn't pay his taxes.

    No, Silvio Berlusconi is not corrupt, because he has been pursued for tax evasion multiple times. Like all good politicians, Berlusconi believes that the laws do not apply to him. His behavior was so terrible that they had to bar him from public office for six years. He is the definition of corrupt.

  • More Than Likely

    I believe it is more than likely that Silvio Berlusconi is corrupt. That's not to say that he hasn't implemented policy in the past that was helpful to the country of Italy. Like most, he's not all good and he's not all bad. He's joined with the Northern League and is looking to become involved in the upcoming election, but at the same time he's facing charges for tax fraud.

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