• It creates a system

    We need a system to which we can hold our morals to. Sin gives us a way understand what is good and bad. It creates a scale by which we can judge people and ourselves. Without sin then anyone can do anything and there is no order to life. Our society is based around what is morally right and wrong

  • Sin is an emotional word which corresponds with an in-built concept of the conscience.

    People can use other words which allude to the same Meaning as the word Sin, such as "transgression", "ommissions", "indescriminate actions", "bad actions", "bad behavior", "thoughtless behavior" or "unkind behavior". However the word sin, seems to encompass the totality of Human Emotion about the issue, more than these other phrases. In this way, the word is is especially Powerful, for getting into the deeper emotions about how we relate to life, and how the quality of our mind relates to the world. The word sin, for example, implies subtly that a bad intention might have been had. That something less than a wholesome or good intention was what was governing the mind, at the time of the action. This is thoughtful towards the human condition, I feel, since it acknowledges that we have a higher mind, and aren't just bound to the duties of being good, in a mechanical way (as suggested by the word Action), but that part of ourself was put into the action.

  • Yes, but with limits

    The purposefulness of the concept of sin has somewhat run its course in modern day society. Back when people were more of a tribal peoples, morality was somewhat of a foreign concept. The people needed scenarios to keep them in line and from perpetrating acts against others. By labeling certain undesirable acts "sin" that would result in punishment from an unforeseen higher being it served as a deterrent to those who might otherwise tempt fate. In this day and age, we have a good history of what is right and wrong and sin doesn't really serve as a deterrent anymore.

    Posted by: pdrm
  • Because you can go to hell

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  • No, because it is outdated.

    Sin is not a useful concept for morality because religion is becoming less necessary in the lives of people all over the world. Many people believe that one can not have morals without religion or a "god" but the number of non-theists is growing. I believe the fear of sin and hell is hurtful not only to society but to innocent children who are being influenced by their providers.

  • Not to me it isn't.

    Sin is something that solely relies upon the person's perspective of it. A sin can only be a sin if someone believes that what they are doing is wrong. Morality has nothing to do with what others say it should be, it is something found within you. No, sin IS NOT a useful concept for morality by any means. In fact, it is quite dangerous.

  • It's only a sin if you think it is.

    Sin is a tricky subject. Sin is something that is much like beauty, as it is in the eye of the beholder. If one does not feel bad about his/her actions, no matter the degree, it is not a sin to that person. In my studies of certain Hindu philosophies, it is stated that unless you feel bad, it is not a sin. This implies to me that morality is not based on what society says it is, but what you in your own heart and mind know it is.

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