• Single parenthood contributes to juvenile delinquency.

    Yes, when a family only has one single parent is likely contributes to juvenile delinquency. In most cases, the single parent has to work somewhat harder to support their family on their own. Due to this, often times children of single parents are left to their own devices and end up getting in trouble.

  • It Can Be

    I believe single parenthood can be a contributing factor to juvenile delinquency. I believe the problem can be compounded when said single parent has to fold and work evening shift because they can't find reliable employment outside of low-wage jobs. There are single parents that are out there that are doing a great job, we can't blame all of the problems with juvenile delinquency directly on them. A lot of the problem lies within the society and the pressures of the economy.

  • Single parenthood creates criminals.

    Single parenthood is a contributing factor to juvenile delinquency. This is because without the discipline and love of a married father at home -- a father who is really invested in his kids and wife -- children do not learn to function appropriately. A fatherless child will commit more crimes than a child who has a father at home.

  • Yes, I think single parenthood is a contributing factor to juvenile delinquency.

    While it is certainly not the case with all single parenthood I think overall when a child has less attention from parental figures then it can lead to them getting into trouble and becoming juvenile delinquents, I think that often a single parent is spending to much time working to provide for their child that it can cause this.

  • No, only single mother households.

    "Adjusted estimates showed that children in single-father families generally did as well as (for mental health) or better than (for physical health) children living with two biological parents."


    "[...] the crime wave of the late 1980s and early '90s was caused by an increasing number of single mother families."


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