Is single-payer (government-funded) free universal health care a good idea?

  • Free Markets Aren't Magic

    I support single-payer healthcare because it's clear from the experience of other countries that governments are able to provide a quality level of care to all their residents more efficiently and more simply than systems of competing private insurance companies. Clearly, the government cannot do everything well. But education, health care, and the social safety net are among the things that should be handled by the public sector in a modern civilized society.

  • Health should be a right, not a pleasure in America.

    Americans should have the God-given rights of life, liberty, and property- under a government-funded universal health care system Americans are insured to have that right. It is the governments obligation to protect its citizens and regulation is a positive thing because if it didn't exsist, private systems could have to much power over the prices of medications and services. Choosing the government funded health care system means choosing equal rights to life, which benefits the greater good in America.

  • Yes

    I think it is best, because no citizen should be without healthcare. It is a human right. I think the costs of medical care would be reduced with a universal health system. That way drug companies would not have their costly ads on television advertiseing and the government could purchase meds in bulk to reduce costs.They could negotiate the best prices. Regulaations are not a bad thing.

  • Look at Europe.

    Europe as a whole has better healthcare than the US for mainly one reason, they have universal healthcare.
    Because it its government funded, it is affordable by everyone, and no one is excluded. They is no such thing as qualifications for healthcare. Everyone should be able to have good healthcare, not just the well off.

  • Universal Health Care is good economically

    Universal Health Care will create jobs, bring down medical expenses, cover the uninsured, and help the United States compete globally. Sixty percent of bankruptcies nationwide are caused by health care problems. Over 50 percent of personal bankruptcies are caused by health care costs. Countries like England and Germany, which have Universal Health care systems, are spending less on medical care than the US, which has the highest per capita health expenditures of any country in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.

  • Violates Human Nature??

    To the person who said it violates human nature...what about human rights?? We will all be stricken with some sort of illnes in our life & to have the burden of health care costs is just inhumane. I believe that everyone should have access to healthcare. And I live in a country where we are fortunate to have single-user heath care. I couldn't imagine having to pay for some immediate would you be able to focus on getting well if you have no peace of mind on the financial burden. As far as data the US comes in last econmically, they spent 17% GDP where in Canada we spent 10% we were ranked 30 out of 191 in terms of overall health system performance (WHO 2000) The US has so much Administration costs that is why your health care is so expensive. Cut all the insurance companies out, and you cut out all your overhead expenses. You have a procedure done..when it goes to billing..the coder has to look @ 30 different codes (for each insurance) because 1 procedure has different criteria for each insurance..instead of 1 code used by ALL the insurance companies.

  • Single Payer health care is a great idea

    There are too many people in this country getting sick and dying because they cannot afford to get the help that they need. Take my family for example we are stuck in the middle we can't afford insurance ourselves but make too much for medicare. Even if the taxes go up wouldn't we be paying less than we would for insurance for our whole family?

  • I think single-payer free universal health care is a great idea.

    Yes, I think single-payer government-funded universal health care is an excellent idea. I do not think we can keep our current policies and spending in place and hope to achieve it though. In order to afford it, we actually need to lower taxes on job providers; if we don't, they simply move their jobs overseas, eliminating potential taxpayers and creating more people in need of government assistance - for which our fewer taxpayers will have to pay. Other spending practices need to be eliminated, and it's my opinion that the democratic party is extremely guilty of making this health system impossible to obtain, yet claiming they want to instate it.

    Posted by: RavidbardeI
  • I believe that single-payer health care is is a good idea, and our current system is bankrupting the county in order to prevent it.

    Single-payer, free health care, is provided by virtually all industrialized Western societies, excluding the United States. Our money-hungry health care industry will not allow our government to switch to single-payer, in order to save their profits. But, it is an established fact that other nations with free health care have more healthy citizens

    Posted by: BrownDustin82
  • A single-payer government funded health care system will allow all citizens to receive appropriate health care.

    Studies of government health care in other nations show it can be cost-effective to provide universal health care. Citizens in these nations do not go bankrupt due to health care costs, are healthier on average, and are not denied necessary medical services. The most successful of these programs offers citizens to choose which doctor to visit, limit waiting times to see a specialist, and impose limits on health care costs.

    Posted by: TrashyBrain42
  • Terrible Idea for America

    "Here are some of the more prominent single-payer myths:

    Myth No. 1: Everyone has access to health care a single-payer system.
    Myth No. 2: Claims of rationing are exaggerated.
    Myth No. 3: A single-payer system would save money on administrative costs.
    Myth No. 4: Single-payer will provide fair and quality care for everyone.
    Myth No. 5: Single-payer leaves medical decisions to patients & doctors.
    Myth No. 6: Single-payer systems achieve better health outcomes.
    Myth No. 7: The U.S. Systems also engages in rationing.
    Myth No. 8: A single-payer system will not hamper medical research.
    Myth No. 9: Single-payer will save money as patients seek care earlier.
    Myth No. 10: The free market in health care has failed in the U.S."

    Source: http://www.Freemarketcure.Com/singlepayermyths.Php

  • Economics

    Health isn't a right, its a privilege. The pursuit of happiness includes the want of good health. the want of health is a desire, not an enforced law. if someone doesnt have a job that gives benifits, find a new one, or better yet, get two jobs and pay for it themselves. No one has a right to complain about their issues except for veterans or those who have served. They fought for their rights. Im not trying to sa that someones opinion doesnt matter, all Im saying is that nobody else cares about the opinion. And seriously, expecting the government to pay for someone who cant afford to pay for themselves (with the exception of the disabled or elderly) is ignorant and stupid. The government cant even take care of itself.

  • Expensive (not "free"), inefficient, low quality, violates freedom

    a) Government healthcare is not "free", or doctors would be working for nothing in return. This money is taken by force from taxpayers. In my country, for example, one who makes the national average pays many times more monthly in taxes JUST FOR this "free" healthcare than it would cost for insurance in a private clinic. It would be even cheaper if the person was uninsured and just paid for visits. Some argue that rich people pay for poorer people's healthcare in their taxes - untrue, the poorer people pay the richer people's taxes in higher prices for the products rich people are selling.

    b) It does not "create jobs", because the doctors would just be working privately.

    c) It is much lower quality and inefficient because no one owns a government hospital, and so the manager has no real motivation to take care of it and keep it running smoothly. He also doesn't need to worry about budget because the hospital will get subsidized anyways.

    There is also no competition at all, so hospitals have no reason to fight over patients by offering better care at lower prices.

    d) It takes away choice from the patient by forcing him to go to a public hospital instead of a private one. What if someone doesn't want to be insured at all and prefers to pay per visit?

  • Single payer health care is a false sense of security.

    Ask most people who live in the countries with single payer health care if they are satisfied with it and you will find a resounding no. Ask our hospitals how many people come here from those countries to get the services they cant get in their own system? The data is out there, look it up. Once it is in place you become a statistic in the system. The system becomes overrun with people trying to get their needs met and hospitals that specialize cant make any money because they cant meet their needs with a "level playing field" finacially. Need a heart, are you over 65, move to the back of the line. The 45 year old will use it longer so statistically they are the better investment for the government dollar. List are now formed based on some govenrment experts idea of who is of greater need. Single player does not mean you are getting an even playing field.

  • "free" universal healthcare violates human nature

    By providing "free" universal healthcare to any nation, you invariably violate basic human nature. When a person is given something repeatedly that is marketed as free, they begin to take it for granted. It is just how the prideful, self-serving human nature works. When it comes to healthcare, people will become more lazy in the care of their own health. If something happens to them, their instinctive reaction will be to say "the government will pay for it". This is why other governments who provide universal healthcare have to cut back on services and eliminate coverages based on lifestyle choices. People only put effort into something that they have to work and pay for themselves. In the end, healthcare is a service like any other that should be paid for by the individual. Health insurance, as opposed to healthcare, is the product that a person would buy to offset the risk of a major medical accident or disease in their lifetime. Too many times in the debate of this issue the terms "healthcare" and "health insurance" are used interchangeably and that is wrong. This is used by the government to their advantage because people are paying attention to the semantics of the debate.

  • I do not think that government-funded universal health care is a good idea because it still has to be paid for by someone.

    The term "government funded" is deceiving. The government itself, has no funds, other than the funds that we the people, provide. Therefore, it follows that this type of health care would be costly to us (the citizens) and not to the government, which is why they seem to be so focused on this idea. If they pass this, they lose nothing. We the people, are the ones who will be footing the bills. Other areas of the world already have universal health care, and if you do the research, you'll discover that it hasn't worked for them. It will not work for us either. Not only is it expensive, but it takes away the constitutional freedom to choose how you want to take care of yourself. This should not be the business of the government. If the government wants to help, one thing they can do is cap the insurance premiums that doctors have to pay. That would take down health care to a point where many more people could afford it.

    Posted by: KimbeBeat
  • Single-payer, government-funded, free universal health care is a bad idea because the country simply cannot afford it.

    Every entitlement program that the government offers costs more money than it should and the taxpayers get caught footing the bill. Many people can afford to pay for their own private health insurance and they should have the right to do this. This is just simply a task that is to huge to be solved in this way.

    Posted by: R0d0Ferdy
  • A government run health care option is the wrong thing for America at this time.

    With the amount of debt the United States currently lies beneath, this option would be terrible. Most Americans are already covered under plans offered by employers, private plans they subscribe to, or medicare/medicaid. The government already runs these last two, and from what I hear they are not very efficient or cost effective.

    Posted by: 5h035Bow
  • Government funded health insurance would just create a different type of problem.

    Government controlled health care is in place in other countries and we should look at what it does in those countries for those people before we decide it is a solution. There would just be problems of another nature, not a solution. The solution should be government regulation of our insurance industry and modifications in the whole health care model that has developed.

    Posted by: babydoll93
  • I oppose single-payer health care because it inhibits choice for the patient.

    Single payer coverage (Government funded and controlled) restricts choice for its citizens. Many countries who currently provide their citizens with government funded and controlled health care have had problems with rationing health care, long waiting periods for services, and higher taxes to pay for the medical bureaucracy. Patients in these countries have little or no choice in the doctors they see, and a second opinion is almost impossible to get. Many end up coming to the U.S. to receive services they can't receive in their own countries. Government run health care also restricts research by private industry, since there is no financial benefit for finding new and better procedures and medicines.

    Posted by: KourtneyB

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