• Yes single sex schools are better

    For many reasons single sex schools are better. Co-ed schools just lead to heartbreak and headaches. Students are soooo focused on their latest crush then on their own school work. As a parent i want my children to thrive and be succesful in life and single sex schools provide that for children.

  • Yes, there is more focus.

    Yes, single-sex school is better than co-ed school, because single-sex school allows students to focus better. In co-ed school, there are many distractions from boys and girls talking to members of the opposite sex. It is better to attend a single-sex school where students can focus on academics, and avoid one more distraction from learning.

  • Single-sex schools make for great attention getter

    School is a fun and exciting place for a student that can be overwhelming to a youngster, when the student has love interest. School should be a place to focus on studies and preparing for the future so it would be better to have single-sex schools, less distractions makes for better learning.

  • Co-ed school are better

    Single sex schools limit students’ ability to communicate with the opposite sex. In society, Interacting with the opposite sex in the workplace is essential. So, Co-ed schools are creating an authentic atmosphere where boys and girls can learn how to get along harmoniously thus making the transition from school to the workplace smoother.

  • Cause they are better

    As a person who has attended both single-sex and co-ed schools, I believe that for a numerous amount of reasons, single-sex schools are definitely better. First of, they provide more facilities and a better working environment. Imagine always feeling insecure thanks to your opposing sex. This experience is only developed in Co-ed schools.

    With given a space where you can work in harmony, single-sex schools are the most wanted schools in the world. They are known for having the best environmental spaces and caring teachers. So in truth, single sex schools are better for the children of today

  • My argument is that single-sex schools are better than coed ones.

    I think that because boys who usually make trouble wouldn’t be at single-sex.
    My supporting idea is that some people are intimidated by the opposite sex and this can make it difficult to participate in class.
    Which was state in some book page 104 by the author.
    This is my opinion.

  • I totally agree,better facilitation,less distraction and most importantly better education.

    We need to make Australia great again ,by getting rid of coed schools ,do you want your kids to have a bad education?Well you probably don't more money can be spent on single gender schools better facilitation ,less distraction and most importantly better education,this is the future . . . . .

  • Yes in some cases

    Students attending single-sex schools are more likely to go to university than those enrolled at co-ed schools, our figures show.
    Although previous international studies have claimed that there is "no scientific evidence" that single-sex schooling is better than co-ed, new findings, compiled by the Sunday Independent, suggest that more students from a single-sex education background are attending Irish universities.
    Meanwhile, girls continue to outperform the boys at same-sex institutions as more females land university places.

    Between 2009 and 2015, 81pc of students at single-sex schools have furthered their education in the Republic and Northern Ireland; 43pc have opted for the university route, while 38pc have opted for a 'non-uni' option, including institutes of technology, colleges of education or art.
    During the same period, 72pc of students from mixed schools have furthered their education, with 32pc choosing university and 40pc going for a non-uni alternative.

  • Yes it is

    I think single-sex school is better than co-ed school because boy and girls have different needs and different job prospects. In my opinion, it is good to give them a more specific teaching. Moreover, single-sex schools are a means to make some discriminations disappear. Many teenagers suffer from rejection. They are not beautiful enough, or strong enough and those differences, in a co-ed school, are more perceptible.

    Posted by: oly
  • No to Single-Sex Schooling

    I believe that single-sex schools are not the answer. Studies show that men who have attended single-sex schools have a higher divorce rate at the age of 40, and not only that, but they also are more depressed. Most students who have attended single-sex schools work in coed offices when they are older, and they do not have as good communication skills with the opposite gender. One of the reasons to go to a single-sex school is because there are no gender stereo types, yet studies also show that there are more stereo types about girls from girls instead of to girls from boys. And visa versa. Therefore I believe that single-sex schools are only making people more depressed, have bad communication skills, and not prepared for the life ahead of them.

  • There should be no superiority.

    There is nothing wrong with communicating with male and female counterparts. Education is based on whether or not a student applies his/herself to learn. Interacting with the opposite sex is also a part of human nature and cannot be cut off due to the fact that males will always approach a female and vice versa. Single sex schools basically confine students to one sex and do not allow for interaction. A co ed school can do as well as a single sex school only if the students apply themselves. This is a matter of whether or not students will themselves to perform better.

  • School Is About Learning

    I do not believe single-sex schools are better than co-ed schools. Schools are suppose to provide education, but they have also been shown to teach children about social issues. If you keep the genders separated, they are learning less about social issues and dilemmas, therefore I find co-ed school to be better in the long run.

  • It's not really different

    There isn't much evidence that says they are better and normally single sex schools are private so they will probably cost more money. What advantage do people in a single sex school have? Social skills are also important in every day life so even if they DO have a better education they don't get to interact with the other gender.

  • Single sex schools are pointless

    And for so many reasons so saddle in folks
    -first of all, Boys, Girls and non binary kids being in the same class is great because it opens up issues like gender equality which is really mega important. I for one think it's great that kids in co-ed schools are able to have these types of conversations with both perspectives

    -the number one reason people are voting yes is because they don't want their children to be distracted from their education by the opposite sex. Your argument is majorly flawed on the basis of the fact that *gasp* gay people exist. Kids are gonna have crushes no matter where you put them.

  • Because it is

    The Power was so hard I had a great experience at work hard and had to do it all I have to say was to say it is very reasonable to have and I will be a better thing for the next person is in our room with the power

  • Theres No Doubt About the Fact that Co-education is Better.

    The obvious reason for my claim is the fact that single sex schools fails to develop your ability and confidence to relate with the opposite sex. When you are surrounded by your own sex every day, IE: All males, then you will definitely find it harder to socialize with woman in the future. You will not have the confidence to comfortably communicate with females if you haven't done that in your development as a teenager.

    Theres other reasons why its better but i think the above should be enough to mention.

  • Single-Sex schools don't educate boys and girls any better than coeducation schools

    Some people think that single-sex schools educate students better than coeducation schools but this really isn't true. There is no evidence to back up that single-sex schools educate girls or boys than coeducation schools. Research shows that there is no significant benefits for girls or boys that go to single- sex schools than coeducation schools.

  • Cause it doesn't prepare the students for the future which is most needed

    In real world it is necessary to interact with both the genders, and it is not possible for us to afford an environment which consists of only one gender. In coed schools students learn how to respect the other gender. Coed schools also treats students equally which again promotes no gender discrimination.

  • You can't choose who you're around

    If schools have a combination of boys and girls, it better prepares kids for life. If you have a job, for example, you can't choose to work with people who are only your gender. Co-Ed schools strengthen social skills, and strengthen relationships that are very important. My parents met in saventh grade, and thank heavens for that!

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