• yes i do

    With more and people trying to get that perfect skin, i feel that its will be an epidemic. Now a days you see people using tanning salons until the point that they turn orange. It's ridiculous what people will go through to have perfect skin. People need to educate themselves more on this issue before misusing tanning salons.

  • Yes, as long as people continue to tan.

    Yes, I believe skin cancer will be the next epidemic. People, especially young men and women, continue to tan both on the beach and in salons. They don't seem to understand the full impact that the sun's ultraviolet rays can have on human skin. As time goes on, the chance for getting skin cancer increases.

  • People know better.

    No, skin cancer is not going to be the next epidemic, because people are well informed about the dangers of skin cancer. Also, skin cancer is more treatable than it ever was before. When it does happen, we have more ways to deal with it and treat it than ever before.

  • No, it won't officially be an epidemic.

    Skin cancer can't really officially be an epidemic, because that's typically in reference to a condition that people have that is passed from person to person and spreads infectiously. That being said, skin cancer is definitely a problem and becoming serious, as it's hitting people even in their twenties. People who are out in the sun need to protect their skin, because skin cancer can kill. And there is no cure for cancer, other than cutting it out, which can be scarring and disfiguring, which young people need to think about before they go tanning.

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