• Completely worthy of awe

    I saw a comment on the opposite side of this page that said that the word "yes" to the question "is skyrim awesome" is misused because awesome means worthy of praise and video games are just a waste of time. I think the person who wrote this does not understand the art of making such a video game. I understand what this person is saying, and i applaud because i myself have said many things similar about different subjects, but Skyrim truly is worthy of praise. The artwork in skyrim is sometimes more beautiful than real life.

  • Mods Make it Better

    There are thousands upon thousands of mods available from Skyrim. These range from amateuristic player homes and new low-poly weapons to entire continents with voiced characters and hundreds of hours of additional gameplay. If they plan to ever release a new Elder Scrolls game, they should make modding even easier and provide modders with more resource packs.

  • I think Skyrim is awesome for many reasons.

    I have a lot of fun with Skyrim and all of it's quests and beautifully rendered environments. As a long-time fan of the Elder Scrolls (since Morrowind) I love what they have done to bring much of the pre-existing lore from earlier games to life. The way that they have done this so well, and made it such an enjoyable does inspire some measure of awe in me. :)

  • This is not debatable.

    Skyrim is by far one of my favorite video games in the world. The graphics were amazingly detailed compared to Oblivion. There are a lot of quests and the story mod is nice. There's a lot of hidden chests and hidden mini-quests like when you're in the torture chamber in the Dark Brotherhood's housing; you can torture the victims with petty weapons and they eventually tell you about money. There are nice add-ons you can buy. There used to be minor bugs where you would freeze randomly but they fixed that; which is also why it's awesome.

  • Skyrim is awesome because...

    For one, lots of quests are available depending on which side you join, Stormcloaks or the Imperials. Second, the landscape is big which means lots you can do of exploring. Thirdly, the armour and so such is so awesome looking. That is why I think it is awesome. Thank you.

  • Those who say "yes" are misusing the word.

    Awesome, in itself, means "worthy of awe". This is a term that fails to apply to video games, which is merely a distraction from real life. Nature is awesome, because it is beautiful, real, and worthy of our awe. Skyrim is merely a product in which one can (wastefully) invest his time, rather than something physical, real, and beautiful.

  • It was boring

    Tho the graphics were completely amazing, the game was rather boring, it started to slow, and all i ended up doing was beating random people because that was all that was fun, later on in the game it gets better, but its to slow, oblivion was much better, it had a great story to it, and although the graphics are no where near impressing as skyrim, it was still better then skyrim.

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