• Yes, slave labor is alive and well in America

    Yes, slave labor is alive and well in America. The wages that Americans are paid compared to other first world countries is far lower than what should be expected. Minimum wage in America is not enough for a full time working person to pay for their housing and food on a monthly basis.

  • Slave labor and the modern equivilant

    The slave labor most Americans think of today requires one to think in historical terms. With the abolition of slavery in the late 1800s, most people would not think the modern US as being so backwards as to hold people in the same degrading state of servitude. But, where there is a market for extremely cheap back-breaking labor and a migrant workforce (mostly illegal immigrants without a voice because of their lack of citizenship), there are those unscrupulous entrepreneurs that have no compunctions about treating their workers unfairly or inhumanely. These workers are paid, but not paid well. And they are not whipped or hung as punishment for indiscretions, as in the old days, but working conditions are less than ideal and could be considered the new face of slavery in America.

  • No. Slave labor is not alive in America today.

    Slave labor is illegal. Anyone who does a job for anyone else should be getting some kind of compensation for their work. If someone is receiving compensation for work, then it is not slave labor. Slave labor is doing work against your will under threat of death, injury or your family's livelihood.

  • Absolutely not- it's illegal

    To say that slavery is still alive today is a huge exaggeration. Yes, there are low paying jobs and employees that deserve to get paid more. Slavery? Definitely not. There will always be underpaid people but slavery is not truly getting paid at all. Everyone in this country is free, & slaves usually weren't

  • Yes, slave labor still exists in America today.

    Yes, slave labor is alive and well in America today. The definition of labor is work. Work is something people do to receive money. It is my belief that sex slavery is a form of slave labor. People, generally women, are kidnapped as children and turned into someone who has sex with others for money.

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