• Your body is the best doctor

    Unless you have a disease that requires immediate antibiotics or you have cancer, sleep coupled with drinking enough water will always bring the body back to equilibrium. Over the counter medicines simply just temporarily reduce pain level when as sleep attacks at the source. Your body is the best doctor when it comes to getting back to health.

  • P r e t t y d a m n g o o d

    Always helps when I wake up I feel refreshed and healed. The body pushes to kill bad viruses in the body. This obviously does not help when fighting agains't severe sicknesses like cancer, ebola, malaria, and so on. Sleeping is a cure but it takes a lot longer than taking medicine.

  • Of course it is.

    Every time you go to a doctor because you have the flu, or a cold, heck, they even tell this to cancer patients, they tell you to rest. They don't mean just rest, either. They want you to push fluids, and SLEEP. I ruptured my ear drum this morning and the doctor told me to go home and sleep all weekend.

  • Sleep is the best medicne

    I have a horrible head-ace it is killing me . Once i slept for about 3 hours
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  • Yes it is

    Sleep is honestly a vital thing for living. If you don't sleep it could cause fatigue and if you play sports it could change your reaction time. In school it will effect your judgement and will mix up your thoughts. If you don't sleep it could kill you mentally. SLEEP

  • Sleep is vital

    A chronic sleep-restricted state can cause fatique, daytime sleepiness, bad mood, or lack of focus that so often follow a night of poor sleep. It affects the brain and cognitive function, metabolism, memory, learning, and other vital functions. Going without sleep for too long make us feel terrible. Long-term total sleep deprivation has caused death in lab animals.

  • Yes sleep is the bst medicine.

    Since our bodies are capable of healing and protecting themselves, by allowing us to get the right amount of sleep we allow our bodies to naturally fight off any infections of viruses that might have attacked us during our waking hours. It also allows our brains to refresh and reboot for the next day at a fresh level instead of dealing with a day of information jammed into it.

  • Sleep is so important

    I truly believe that sleep is underrated. Every night, it replenishes our bodies to stay healthy. And it is healing, in many ways, psychologically as well as mentally. As a cancer patient, the nurses always tell us to sleep alot and well, so our body can fight. Pills alone won't do the job!

  • More Important Than You May Think

    Sleep is one of the most primary nutrients for the human body, following oxygen and water foremost. Using the analogy of a car, humans are like cars. Just as oil is the fuel for cars, so is food, healthy foods, for humans. And just as the battery is the source of energy, our sleep is our source of energy. If food was energy, we would never have to sleep. Sleep gives us the energy we need to function. It improves our mood, mental clarity, better memory. Without the necessary nerve energy, our body will not be able to heal and function at its best. You won't be able to feel best without proper sleep. So have a good nights sleep, please! :)

  • Yes, unless it's in excess.

    Absolutely nothing can substitute a good night's sleep. Energy drinks, coffee, or sugar may keep you going physically when you are tired, but they are not a healthy substitute for sleep. Proper sleep is important for concentration, energy, metabolism, and overall health. Not to mention when something is on your mind, or you are feeling stressed, a good nap can sometimes be just what you need.

  • Not at all.

    Of course it isnt. Yes, a good nights sleep is important when it comes to health but it can never be considered as the 'best medicine.' There are so many other vital things are body needs like nutrients and vitamins and im sure the solution to illnesses like cancer aren't sleep.

  • Sleep is necessary to good health.

    There is no doubt that sleep is necessary to good mental and physical health, but it cannot be considered "the best medicine". While it can contribute to healing in many situations, it is certainly not a substitute for health care and pharmaceuticals when one is sick. By all means, get your rest, but don't neglect the other aspects of a good health-care regimen.

  • No, sleep is not the best medicine.

    Sleep is beneficial for all humans, but it's not a cure-all by any means. Sleep can be helpful for minor injuries and aches and pains, like taking a quick nap when you feel a headache come on, but for more serious disorders, sleep certainly will not help.

    It's always best to get the required amount of sleep for your age, it should hopefully help ward off certain illnesses like colds, but for more serious problems, you should always consult a doctor.

  • No, sleep is not the best medicine.

    Sleep is very beneficial to one's health, but it does not take the place of medicine when it's needed. Sleep can help prevent sickness from happening, but it's not a cure for illness. If someone is sick, extra sleep may aid the person in overcoming the sickness, but it won't do much if they are avoiding needed medicine.

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