• Hot magma coming through!

    I would say slugma is hotter than shellos and not just by temperature but also with the way they look. I can't imagine anything better than waking up in bed with a lovely lady or lad slug next to you keeping you warm at nights. Also if you feel frisky and spend the night making steam a slugma would just dry your bed right there and then when the romantic moment reaches its peak. You don't want to sleep in a soaked bed which is what you would do with a shellos.

  • Slugma maybe sexier just cos it's a slime

    And in into slime girls but like shellos is cute as f**k. And I'm not letting that cuteness get ruined by my mind. Also I think I saw magcargo porn once so I'm more inclined towards that hot as f**k pile of lava. And I just won't feel good f***ing shellos ok.

  • Yes but only because Shellos looks underage

    Shellos is canonically cuter but Slugma doesn't have that childlike glow in its eyes, Making me feel more sexually comfortable around Slugma than Shellos. If this was a non-sexual completely platonic relationship I would one hundred percent choose Shellos, Because Shellos is baby.
    Slugma = legal
    Shellos = baby
    these are the facts

  • Of course it is

    Slugma is hot. You can tell because in his name is magma, And magma is hot. You know what else? You can make a slugma nuts joke out of it and ill tell you one thing. My nuts are hot and sexy much more than a backwater shellos you plebian

  • Um yeah lol

    Hot magma is something I’d rather have in me than cold slimy ooze. Also not to mention that slugma has a pair of hot balls literally right under its sexy face, Meaning that slugma needs four testicles to store all of that hot sexy magma cum ughhh I want him

  • Slugma is not a sexier Pokemon than Shellos.

    Despite it being a hot topic in the media with split opinions, I think it has been very clear from the start that Shellos is ultimately far sexier than Slugma. For one, Shellos has a cry that could make asexuals want to do the dirty with it. That slimy "gushi gushi" sound it makes towards the end of the cry. . Ugh. I can feel my face blushing already. Slugma's cry is very underwhelming in comparison.

    Then we have the looks, And this is where it's a bit more of an even playing field. There's no doubt that Slugma is hot--boiling hot. But when you take a look at Shellos, From the Kylie Jenner lips to the Nicki Minaj rear, Slugma's hotness becomes nothing impressive. Shellos also has a corporate position at Sephora and as a result, Has a glamorous fashion sense.

    Feel free to challenge the facts, But just remember that you can't change them. Team Shellos FTW.

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