• Um yeah lol

    Hot magma is something I’d rather have in me than cold slimy ooze. Also not to mention that slugma has a pair of hot balls literally right under its sexy face, Meaning that slugma needs four testicles to store all of that hot sexy magma cum ughhh I want him

  • Slugma is not a sexier Pokemon than Shellos.

    Despite it being a hot topic in the media with split opinions, I think it has been very clear from the start that Shellos is ultimately far sexier than Slugma. For one, Shellos has a cry that could make asexuals want to do the dirty with it. That slimy "gushi gushi" sound it makes towards the end of the cry. . Ugh. I can feel my face blushing already. Slugma's cry is very underwhelming in comparison.

    Then we have the looks, And this is where it's a bit more of an even playing field. There's no doubt that Slugma is hot--boiling hot. But when you take a look at Shellos, From the Kylie Jenner lips to the Nicki Minaj rear, Slugma's hotness becomes nothing impressive. Shellos also has a corporate position at Sephora and as a result, Has a glamorous fashion sense.

    Feel free to challenge the facts, But just remember that you can't change them. Team Shellos FTW.

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