• People underestimate children

    We live in a society where children are treated as stupid, excessively fragile specimens, who will fracture and fall completely part at the smallest exposure to fear and pain. The popular claim is that spanking teaches kids that violence is okay. Kids, however, are not that simple, nor are they so stupid to understand the real reasons behind their physical punishment. Corporal punishment, if doled out correctly, teaches kids in a direct and forceful way that there are consequences that are not at all pleasant in any way, shape, or form. If kids learn from a young age the extremities of the consequences to their actions, by the time they're older, they will have discipline, understand right from wrong, and avoid doing "wrong" as much as possible. Because they'll the concept of consequence. That is discipline. Discipline is not abuse. Discipline is teaching. Of course not all kids are going to learn discipline the same way, since, obviously, not all kids are the same. But to treat spanking specifically as a "wrong" method of discipline is inaccurate and unfair.

  • Pain is an excellent teacher

    When a child, especially a young child does something naughty it is quite hard, due to their limited language skills to explain to them that it is wrong and you don't want them doing it again.
    When if I child does something wrong and you hit them across the back of the legs or on the bottom, it causes them pain. They will then associate the behavior with pain and be less likely to do it again.

    The biggest and only point I want to make here is there is a HUGE difference between hitting a child for punishment, and beating a child.

    I was hit regularly as a child and I have turned out fine, I hold no ill-will towards my parents for it and I will hit my children. If I was kicking off in a supermarket because I wanted some sweets and I got slapped across the back of my legs I soon learnt to shut up and do as I was told.

    Too many kids these days lack discipline and I blame the removal of the cane in schools and parents not hitting their children.

  • Smacking is good

    Smacking the youth teaches them that their negative actions have consequences which prevent them from committing the offence again. Smacking teaches children to be respectful, Honest and kind and prevents bad behaviour. In my opinion it is good because it allows parents to raise a respectful and good mannered generation.

  • Smacking children is right

    Smacking children is 100% good as long as it is within reason (not too hard, Not with objects, Not too much, Not too often). It is a parent’s right or even duty to slap their children to teach the how to behave. If a kid is smacked for being bad he will know not to be naughty again which is ideal.

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  • A proportionnal punishment

    I think that spanking a decephery teenager isn't traumatic in the case that I draw the line between what it's wrong and what it's good. Many teenagers are in provocation with their parents because they want to affirm themselves but sometimes it puts them to break the rules and push the limits of what is tolerable. They must understand that every act has his own consequences and that in their every day life, The punishment could be most important than a mild smacking. Moreovre, The periode of the adolescence is difficult because the child will be define by its choices. If he make the bad ones, We must show him clearly what can happen : if he cross the limits, He would be punish. Nevertheless, We can't abuse of smacking. It must be exceptionnal and we must use ways more pedagagics.

  • Smack Your Child

    Smacking your child is very effective in their life which makes them more disciplined and makes them focus on school more just like what happened in the good old days. The older generation would get smacked when doing something wrong and look what that generation did for the present and the future. Life as it is today is soft and needs to change

  • Good for their future

    It is an amazing thing because if someone does something wrong then they know that they can smack them. Also it is better for them as then they know in the future if someone does something wrong they can hit them. It would also be amazing for their self esteem!

  • Lack of physical punishment leads to asbos

    Look at the birth and rise of Anti-Social Behaviour Orders in Britain, Combined with the time when they started phasing out physical punishment from schools in Britain and introduced the 2003 child protection act that made people start being scared of losing their kids to the British government if the child told their teachers they'd get a smack for being naughty. Lack of punishment leads to people believing there are no painful consequences to their actions. I see it frequently with my nephews and niece whom I live with. Naughty step? Time out? I'll just walk off. Loss of privileges? I'll just be super annoying then or find something else to do. More often than not, A warning smack, Followed by a "Do that again, The next one will hurt even more" is much more effective and a longer term solution. I was scared as fuck of my dad as a kid- as an adult that fear turned to respect, Because without it, I wouldn't be the person I am today and I'm grateful I had a dad who had the balls to discipline me properly, In a world that's constantly demonising good parents for putting out good kids, Whilst praising those who put out spoiled and self absorbed vapid millenial Cunts- which is sad because I'm a Millenial basically and I had to grow up surrounded by these irredeemable Wankers. Suffice it to say, I grew up having no real friends, Because none of them can be trusted, Relied upon, Capable of being mature nor accepting responsibility for their own actions. If I had been born twenty something years earlier as my dad was, I have no doubt I would have found fast and lifelong friends that didn't let me down every. Single. Time. I tried to rely on them because it was inconvenient for them.

    TL;DR Millenials are what happen when you don't spank.

  • Of course, It is

    As a child, I was smacked. Not a lot, But when I did something dumb. And I still turned out fine! Right? Sometimes kids need to realise that they're going to get punished for things. You may say kids will start to hide things from their parents, But you and I both know that parents always find things out. And when kids get to know that, They will realise that they will also get a punishment for lying.

  • I think it's wrong

    It's wrong because if a child is bad you could give them another punishment not violence the child could get scared of you and start to not like you and it can affect how they might be as a mum or dad and it could affect there childhood and make them sad and depressed about it

  • To hit or not to hit is that the question?

    What is it going to do? Basically the parent hits the child hoping that they will transform into the best child alive and that they won't do it again. Unfortunately not, Although this intimidates the child (further causing behaviour and emotional alterations for the worst) it only shows them that its ok to hit anyone when you get angry. So of course this isn't ok is it?

  • Horrible dumb stupid

    You should niot do this as it coyuld hrm yuour childrne menatllly and phsicalltg it wouldf be embarrassssing for them if they were to tell people that they goit hit it coylkd aslso affect you as you weewre thje one yhar hiot realitives copuld also hear about it, Ske it rerally wronmg and immoral

  • No because of impact

    Smacking a child can lead to them suffering depression, Or becoming dependent on alcohol or illegal drugs during their adult life to cope with the stress, Fear and pain they experienced when they were hit as a child. As the saying says pick on someone your own size, Would you like your child to beat you up when you are old- what goes around comes around.

  • Vile, disgusting, rude

    Smacking your child is not going to get them anywhere in life, when they grow up and someone smacks them they are going to retaliate because they will think that it is okay to hit them back because its what happened to them when they were a child. In my opinion I just find it rude and disgusting how you can hit your child because they were being naughty. Your child will grow up knowing that there own parents have smacked them because of your behaviour. This is vile!!

  • Its bad to smack

    Children can learn behaviour from their parents so they could go into school and go and hit the other children or whip them with there tie or hit them with their belt and harm their bodies the go and get themselves expelled. Don't smack! Don't smack! Don't smack! Don't smack!!!

  • It is awful

    You guys are all idiots thinking that it is ok! Think of all the supporting research! The physical pain of the children being abused. Imagine if you were being smacked by someone triple your weight and height, and especially if that someone is the person you love. Violence IS NOT a good form of parenting, and if anyone has ever hurt their child physically they should be ashamed of themselves!

  • Not very effective

    There's just better ways. We got sent to sit in the bathroom for 10 or more minutes, I was jealous of my friends that got a hit and sent on their way.
    Then there's all the debate showing that it promotes violence, which im only mentioning to fill the word minimum

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  • There's better ways to give discipline.

    I know this as a fact because I am a child myself. Children can easily learn from what their parents do. Like my mom sleeps early and wakes up early to do work, so I do the same. Kids are smarter than you think, and they can easily pick up bad habits from parents. So, the parents should instill good habits in the child instead of encouraging rebelliousness with hitting and slapping children.

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