• Smoke Is Bad For Lung Cancer

    Yes, smoke is bad for lung cancer. I think this is a pretty straight forward answer. Lung cancer eats away at the lungs and smoke was never good for healthy lungs in the first place, so cancerous lungs are going to function even less with smoke. So, yes, smoke is bad for lung cancer.

  • Yes it is.

    How could smoke not be bad for lung cancer. If it were good, then it would not cause cancer at the rate that it does. Smoke is one of the worst things that you can inhale. If someone thinks that it is good for lung cancer then they have no clue what they are thinking about.

  • Yes, it is proven.

    Yes, smoking is bad for lung cancer, because it has been proven by scientists. Lung cancer is a consequence smoking. Smoking puts carcinogens into your body. Smoking then causes cancer, which in turn kills the person who smokes. Smoking results in needless deaths each year from lung cancer. It can all be avoided if people will not smoke.

  • Smoking causes cancer.

    Smoking is bad for lung cancer, obviously. If it weren't bad for lung cancer, it would not cause it. I think that it is silly to believe that smoking could be good for anything outside of just causing more disease and decay in the people that are smoking. So, no, it's bad for lung cancer.

  • Yes. It causes problems with the lungs.

    Smoking contributes to lung cancer. Why would someone think it was healthy after lung cancer had formed? Common sense tells us it will lead to more problems and faster decline. A friend of mine developed lung cancer from smoking. She had difficulty quitting even after she was diagnosed. She did eventually quit because she felt so much worse after she had smoked. She would have a harder time breathing. Sadly, even though she quit, she did eventually pass away from lung cancer.

  • Smoke further darkens the lungs and facilitates the further formation of black tar.

    Smoke, when inhaled, darkens the lungs. Over time, the lungs turn black and a tarry substance begins to form on them. When a person has lung cancer, the inhalation of smoke can exacerbate the condition and may speed the development of the cancer. Smoke, therefore, is bad for lung cancer.

  • All smoke is bad!

    I have the unfortunate privilege is defending my argument by saying, I have lost family members from lung cancer. The direct cause of this was from their constant smoking habit, that got a point of untreatable for them. I do believe all smoking can eventually lead to lung cancer, unfortunately.

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