• Smoking lowers risk of obesity

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  • Smoking does NOT kill - it is indeed good for you!

    The anti-smoker deception is the biggest, most extensive deception ever perpetrated on the public, surpassing, by a country mile, the last one - Hitlers deception that Jews etc. were not just a health threat but a threat to the very existence of the German people. I suspect that even this 'poll' is part of that deception. Even the 'yes' votes and comments appear to have been written by the 'no' camp to provide some illusion of realism. (and the reason why this post will probably be removed from this discussion)

    The costs of maintaining this deception are massive - not just in the Billions of $, £, etc. it costs to propagate, but in the increasing death toll and worsening morbidity in the real world, affecting real people (rather than the fairy-tale figures produced by anti-smoker computer modelling).

    All cancers are increasing; Lung cancer has grown to be the biggest cancer killer today and 80% of those are now diagnosed in non smokers (ex and never smokers). Google 'black lung lie Frank Davis' to find out how that gruesome picture above is pictorial, emotional propaganda - a lie!

    You need to get beyond anti-smoker propaganda, that has swamped public consciousness for decades, to discover Scientific research that has shown. The benefits of smoking are manifold - too many to list here, but here are a few reasons why smoking is good for you;

    The oldest living people are invariably smokers who survive with sharp brains, better mobility and often improved sex drive.

    Smoking substantially improves cognitive function in both healthy and not-so-health brains. It can improve function by up to 30% in the healthy and prevent/ameliorate CNS diseases such as Parkinson's or Alzheimers's, etc.

    Smokers are more likely to survive a heart attack or ischemic stroke with better outcomes than non smokers.

    Most importantly; Smoking does NOT kill and Passive smoke is NOT a risk to health, but this will never be admitted as the anti-smoker agenda would collapse along with the pecuniary advantage these lies have given to hundreds, if not thousands in anti-smoker practitioners.

  • Smoking is bad if you do it just to look "cool".

    In my case cigarettes calms me down and so I'm depended on them whenever I have a bad day (since, I have no friends to talk to about my screwed up life.). Cigs are posioun for people who don't care, but common life is such a b*tch that you need something to rely on. So in my case smoking is good.

  • Smoking can be some what good!

    Smoking can help calm nerves and possibly make them more calm than what the usually are so maybe it stains your teeth but which is more important being calm or having stained teeth. Smoking has good and bad values my parents smoke so it sort of helps when i'm in trouble.

  • Its stupid and should be stopped ,it kills people and they are basically committing suicide.

    I think people who smoke are so selfish,they damage are environment and dont just effect themselves but the people surrounding them.The world be a less deadly place if people would put down the cigarettes instead of paying people you kill you. Smoking causes 84% of deaths from lung cancer and 83% of deaths from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).450,000 people die each year from smoking and they choose to take that cigarette and inhale all those harmful chemicals .

  • Actually smoking is good for your health.

    Cigarette smoking has also been linked to a decrease in risk of certain inflammatory disorders and so on the other side smoking causes more than 4 in 5 cases of lung cancer. So if smokers stop smoking before the age of 40, their risk of death will drop by 90% compared to those who continue to smoke. (Your life expectancy increases)
    When you smoke you are burning your relationship and your pockets- You don’t have money left to buy fatty food (or buy less of it), and hence you shall be lean. Also, as you have lesser friends, you won’t be going out as much, which directly relates to lesser probability of dying from accidents on roads.
    You will face health issues- Which means you shall be visiting the hospital more often. Hence the chances of getting sick by something else (other than lung/throat cancer[these are no biggies]) is much lesser!
    “Smoking helps you lose weight, one lung at a time.”

    When you smoke, you unintentionally serve smoke to your friends and children- hence solving over-population, and also providing jobs to thousands of doctors and morgue owners. In addition to this, smokers have a lower sperm count, which means that they are less likely to reproduce, once again solving overpopulation, unwanted teen pregnancies, and also means that you will have more money to spend on yourself, rather than wasting it all on your children.

  • Not brainwashed here!

    We now know that GMO food isn't good for us, flouride is poison and pharma drugs don't cure anything yet they're still pushing it on us. Why should we believe tobacco, that's been around for hundreds of years, is causing diseases and shortening lives? Don't fall for it. They don't care about our health. I've smoking for nearly 60 years...And I don't take pills or use a walker like so many my age do.

  • A little of what you fancy does you good!

    I smoke for pleasure and not from habit. After a few days abstinence, the joy of having a cigarette and smoking it properly gives me such a euphoric feeling that it is worth the risks. Three in one day is usually my maximum. Life is a gamble, and walking out your front door and driving your car can be just as dangerous.
    The now proven benefits of nicotine is balancing out the adverse effects. I'd much rather live to the end with all of my faculties still intact than suffer dementia and other mental diseases handicapping my final years. If you have never smoked, you won't understand what I'm talking about.

  • Smoking is bad.

    Smoking is bad for your health. It has been proven beyond a doubt that smoking leads to lung cancer and heart disease. Furthermore, smoking smells bad and causes smokers to have bad breath. It stains the teeth and it is bad for smokers' skin. Although it makes people feel good, the disadvantages outweigh the benefits.

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  • Smoking needs to be banned

    I choose not to smoke and it makes me so mad when I have to go through a cloud of smoke to go into a store or other place.It upsets me so to see young people trying out this disgusting habit.They need to ban it from all parks and beaches people need to breathe clean air.

  • Smoking is for people

    I think that smoking is bad for people around the world because it can kill you make you get cancer,and who would want to have that in their life. If you smoke you may think you are cool but you are not you are doing the worst thing for your self. It does not help.

  • Smoking is very bad for your heath

    Smoking is bad in lots of ways. It can make you sick, cause cancer, put tar in your lungs, and so much more. It also affects the people around like children and the elderly. So please for your own sake stop smoking or it will ruin your life for ever.

  • Nothing good about smoking

    There is nothing good about smoking. It makes you sick, it can kill you, it is harmful to others, it smells, and it is addictive. Some people say it helps them relax but there are a thousand other things you can do to relax that have 0 negatives compared to smoking.

  • Smoking is bad

    In a ll ways smoking is bad. There are no positives about the habit. The idea of smoking itself is destructive and insulting to a healthy body and the world around it. Smoking damages the smoker, the people around them, the health industry their failing bodies clog, and the families they leave behind.

  • Smoking is bad for your health.

    There is an overwhelming amount of evidence that suggests that smoking is bad for your health and can cause cancer. Additionally, research also suggests that second-hand smoke, the smoke breathed by those in the vicinity of smokers, can also cause health problems in non-smokers. Babies born to mothers who smoke, can also have birth defects.

  • Smoking Obviously Bad

    Anyone that suggests that smoking is good for humans in any capacity is more than misguided. Smoking causes countless health problems, including cancer and lung issues. With that in mind, smoking rates in the country continue to dwindle, but millions of people continue to kill themselves slowly by smoking cigarettes and using other tobacco products.

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