• Anti smoking hypocrites

    Smoking is fashionable. Most people who denounce smokers don't even exercise regularly, are out of shape, or over/underweight. The facts are a large majority of society lives an unhealthy lifestyle whether it be their diet, lack of exercise, drugs, alcohol, ect, weight problems, ect. Its hypocritical and incorrect. People are engulfed by propaganda

  • Smoking is really fashionable.

    Although smoking is bad for one's health, it is fashionable. Smoking has always been featured in television and movies as a feature of fashion. The fact that smoking is bad for one's health makes it more attractive. People who are fashionable do not care of they will die young because they care more about having fun.

  • No it's not! It's nasty.

    Ok, really? How is it fashionable with a fowl smelling cancer stick hanging form your mouth dropping ashes everywhere? Especially when you blow out the smoke, dear lord it's the most repulsive thing ever! No one thinks it's fashionable. The only reason its in magazines and movies is because it's POPULAR not because it's fashionable. And do you think it's fashionable to have wrinkles at 35 or even black teeth or cancer? No! It's not fashionable at all. Not smoking is fashionable.

  • No, it's dangerous.

    No, smoking is not really fashionable, because the 1970s called, and they want their trends back. Smoking used to be seen as cool, but people did not realize that smoking often claims the lives of smokers. Something that stands a good chance of killing you is not cool. Healthier triends are more popular these days.

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