• Soccer is worldwide, American Football is North America only

    Soccer or, as most of the world calls Football, is the most popular sport in the world. Gridiron doesn't even come close. Soccer is continuous with breaks only when either a goal is scored, or the ball goes out of play, or a foul is committed, or at half time. Gridiron has more stoppage than play.

  • More skill is needed.

    In soccer you have to be able to run for 45 minutes straight and 45 more after the break is done (or more if there's overtime). Unlike in American football were they have to keep stopping the game over and over again. It involves speed, strength, endurance, and a bunch of practice and dedication.

  • 90 mins +a few mins extra time

    A game that has 4 15 min quarters and takes 3 hours to finish What a bore , Tackle a player the game stops, Oh lets have an advert,Crash helmets , pads all over the place , some sort of towel hanging on the back that wouldn’t been used for sweat they don’t do that much running around, They call it World Champions 😰what other countries are involved? Paint drying more exciting

  • Yes because of the athleticism

    Football Players are great athletes, and they have to do everything they do in pads, but I think that it's harder to sprint at the speeds they like ronaldo,robben,bale etc late in the game after running 5 miles plus, then to run with pads, so I think it is faster which is more exciting. Also, football players have to be able to jump high as well for headers as players do for football.

  • Goal vs Touchdown

    Personally I think goals are much more spectacular and beautiful than touchdowns. NFL is one of the most tactical sports in the entire world, but I don't really find anything that interesting about dodging opponents thanks to your teammates and then running to the end zone to score. With soccer/football, obviously you don't get amazing curlers and bicycle kicks all the time. But its just an unbeatable watching experience when you do witness one and that's why the global 'football' is better for me.

  • Both are good!

    Both sports are good, with soccer generally being albeit a bit more popular. Each sport has it's ups and down. I have played for both on a team and enjoyed each sport. In the end It just comes to personal opinion. So I have to say soccer is much better.

  • How to make it better

    Look, having a massive net and not scoring a single goal half the time is insane. Plus no contact? Come on man.

    Here's how to fix it:

    1) Make the net as wide as the field
    2) Allow 2 goalies in net
    3) Let the UFC by soccer and merge the two.

    Could you imagine going for a corner kick served header but instead of hitting the ball, you hit a full on running start round house kick to the chin? 2 points for a knockout.

  • Not in my opinion.

    It really comes down to personal opinion. How do we quantify better? If we're talking commercial success, then American Football is equal to Soccer per their respective country. We can't measure it by skill because it's two completely separate skill sets. One involves kicking a ball down a field, one involves throwing, tackling, and holding the other men off with your body. Both are grueling and take endurance and strength.

    So I'd say it comes down to personal opinion more than quantifiable facts in this case. I quite like sitting down with some popcorn on a Sunday afternoon to watch the football game.

  • Soccer sucks, period.

    I don't know about any of you but I prefer watching sports that actually involve some physical contact and not a bunch of babies running around each other with a ball, using nothing but their feet. Not to mention, EVERYTHING makes them cry. Football over soccer any day. Feel free to disagree but you're wrong.

  • No because soccer sucks

    Soccer sucks so football is better because they probably get payed more and football players are better and its more fun and more dangerous thats why its better than soccer and football is more well known so football is more watched than soccer and thanksgiving everyone watches football thats why football is better than soccer

  • No it's personal preference.

    I'm a huge football fan and not a fan of american football. You can't say which is better as it all depends on the individual persons preferences. I can watch football (soccer) all weekend but I get bored watching a game of american football. Soccer is better for me but i can't say it's a better sport in general

  • Who says what's "better"?

    They are both good games, "good" in that they are enjoyable to play and to watch for vast numbers of people. As to which one is "better," that's as subjective as it gets.

    I'm American and I grew up playing and watching football. There are a lot more football games, play stoppages and all, that I'd sit through, versus soccer games. I like watching soccer once in a while - there are some amazing players and awesome action at times - but it also can seem quite boring. My opinion.

    I'd say that one's upbringing has a lot to do with it, for most of us. What we know, appreciate and care about have a good bit to do with our environment.

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