• Soccer is better than football

    Bc soocer is btter than football bc it is soccer more popular than football football sucks its not that good like sccer football is harder than soccer socerr the thing u hvae to do is shoot the ball to the square thig and football you got to make to the whole other side

  • More creativity and fluid play

    Soccer allows more fluid play, and allows more creativity that football. In football the play stops every 6 seconds and goes to commercial break, but with soccer, the play rarely stops and halftime is the only part of the game that you see commercials. We also actually use our FEET in soccer.

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  • Socccer ias better

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  • Football? How about futbol.

    The real futbol is obviously the best. More people watch soccer worldwide than the supper bowl. Also the U.S. is the only country who has a different popular sport. Soccer is life in other countrys. So if someone were to ask me "Football or soccer?" I would say, "Hmm a sport that stops every 5 seconds for no apparent reason or a sport that has a purpose and the game keeps going? Yep soocer."

  • Its the best in the world

    Soccer is way more popular than football. Soccer players are way more cool than all football players. They are also more competitive than football players. This is why soccer is the best sport of all time. These are my reasons why soccer is better than football. Soccers the best around.

  • It lasts longer

    I am a huge fan of both, but soccer lasts the whole year, so it's more entertaining. Football unfortunately lasts only a few months, and when the season is over there's nothing for you to watch. Soccer lasts the whole year, and there are a lot more tournaments your team can win.

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  • You need to have lots of things to be good

    To be honest, I see lots of fat people in football. In soccer, they wouldn't even survive 30 minutes. You need to be fit in playing soccer, and people saying that it is not physical. If you are weak, then its going to be harder for you to play. The reason being is that if you are attacking and you are one v one against a defender, the defender will easily push you off the ball.

  • It is better

    Soccer is better bacause you kick the ball ball ball high in the air you can kick harder than jackie chan and brus lie 360 noscope doritos 420 the life out of the opposing team by breaking their ankles nd kick the ball in net the you celebrate the goal with balls

  • Football is better

    Soccer is boring with no big plays and people rarely score, how can you be entertained by a sport where there is barely one goal a game. Come on now football has big plays, big hits, and graceful catches while soccer has none of these. Football players have more hype and not only skinny people who like to run can play

  • Soccer is boring.

    Soccer is boring. When my children started soccer you watched the entire clump of children running in a group after the ball. The games were very long. Football was never that way. Football has action. From the time my son started playing there was always a high level of physical activity from all of the positions on the field. I would pick football over soccer any day.

  • Fuck soccer !

    Soccer is for flopping retards that have nothing to do with their lives. They need to just remove it. People kill each other for useless passion for a retarded sport. And why is it in the olympics, while actual football is forgotten, i think that f.I.F.A can go fuck itself

  • Soccer is Better

    It's the most popular sport in the world and many people watch soccer. It can be played almost any where and any time in the poorest streets or the rich ones. In 2014 there was an estimated number of 3.5 million fans world wide. That make soccer the best. Yeah

  • Soccer is Way BORING!

    I hate soccer and think flopping is retarded. The play clock never stops and they have extra time. Extra time would not be needed if the had some one push a stop button on the clock every time the went out of bounds. The score can end at zero to zero if it is a normal game. Over time only happens when the game matters. In football every single person has a certain role and it is way more physical.

  • No, It is boring

    I hate that, you watch soccer and they are attacking, but than someone kicks the ball back to mid field and everything you just saw was for nothing. In football, every yard, every play, every down is important. Football is a chess match played out with humans. Soccer is a simple kids game. Once you develop the skills to grasp something more complicated, soccer should be left behind.

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