• Soccer is So Much Better!

    Soccer is a team building sport, has lots of movement and exercise, is super fun, and is one of the most popular sports among all genders and races and ages. Soccer is pretty much universal and one of the best sports out there because of all of it's amazing qualities. Swimming is more of a one person sport, doesn't involve much exercise, takes a lot of time up, and isn't that popular unless it's Olympic swimming. All of these obvious facts point to soccer as the better sport.

  • More reflexes developed

    Soccer high amount of reflexes develop along with upgraded instinctive movement . In swimming you move straight stop for turning around (at least I do) how are reflexes useful. In soccer you get that strength to continue playing after falling and getting hurt and stuff , I can’t imagine falling in water

  • Piss in the pool

    Need i say more? Well, yes because it wont let me comment if i dont. I would say that they are pretty equal in fun, but because of recent discoveries ( like the fact that the smell of pools dont smell like that without pee) i dont like swimming in pools. Swimming in the ocean or a river is fun though

  • Soccer is boring

    I don't like soccer because all you do is chase a ball and pretend to get hurt to be able to kick the ball so i think soccer is a pointless sport. So people should go swimming instead of playing soccer

    soccer is meaningless and a sport of other countrys

  • Swimming helps your muscles

    When you are in the pool, you constantly building up muscles that you don't even know that you have. If you build up those muscles, you can do more and even burn more calories if you were playing soccer. In swim, you are constantly moving and your friends who aren't doing a race at that time can cheer you on like a good teammate does.

  • Swimming is a more demanding and selective sport

    To start of my argument, we could talk about which is better for a long time, we all know we would never settle on which is the more 'entertaining' or 'popular' the way I am going to approach this is as follows. Swimming is more demanding- depending on how you take it. Now I am sure many of you soccer or football fanatics would argue that 'but soccer players lift heavy weights!' Or 'the mental attribute of nervousness before a big match is sooo much worse than swimming in a pool!' I believe with swimming is much more selective sport, unfortunately to get to a certain level you must be 'born with it' the best swimmers are normally tall, slender and have broad shoulders, strong legs and quick reflexes off the block. Whereas with soccer, yes obviously some can be more disadvantaged than another but strictly speaking anyone could be good at it if they trained hard enough. Now saying that I don't mean you don't train hard in swimming, you train extremely hard with half the success. I know many young swimmers who have moved houses accross the country just for swimming, in hopes of swimming at national level but to no avail. I could go off on a tangent about how hard swimmers train, only for the opposing to tell me how hard the 'kickers of balls' train. Swimming is extremely demanding also, up at 6 for hours of training, eat well sleep well- all from the age of 12. To conclude rest assured swimming is more demanding and a more selective- harder to navigate sport.


    Swimming is far better for you. The water pressure against you makes it hard work and makes you stronger. Also, As well as a tough sport, Swimming is gentle. All sorts of people can do it because it is gentle on bones and joints. Recovering runners often start swimming because they can not run, Then stay swimming because they love it!

    Another reason you should hop in the pool is the help for your lungs. Swimming helps you be good at holding your breath. Therefore, Swimming makes you better at all physical activity by making your lungs strong.

    As well as being good for your body, Swimming is a great relaxation experience. Even if your swimming REALLY HARD, The cool water makes you relaxed. Also when you are not being competive, Its really fun to hang out with your friends. If you swim on a team, You have your whole team with you!

    There are so many more reasons, But I do not have time to put them. So heres the links to a couple good websites
    https://www. Betterhealth. Vic. Gov. Au/health/healthyliving/swimming-health-benefits
    https://www. Active. Com/swimming/articles/9-good-reasons-why-you-should-get-in-the-pool
    https://www. Huffingtonpost. Com/entry/swimming-best-exercise_us_56e76334e4b065e2e3d7188a

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