• Sochi is unprepared for the Olympics

    It has become apparent based on news reports that indeed Sochi was unprepared for the Olympics. There have been widespread reports of reporters and athletes having to live in mediocre living arrangements with non functioning toilets or other amenities. So clearly this city did not adequately prepare in time for the onslaught of people that would show up to cover and participate in the Olympics.

  • Yes,Sochi is unprepared for the Olympics.

    Yes,Sochi is unprepared for the Olympics.Many participants and spectators have complained about the accomodations.An Olympic city should have an impeccable appearance to reflect well on themselves.It seems like Sochi just did not realize this and in the end they will end up looking worse for it and end up losing money.

  • Sochi is unprepared for the Olympics.

    There have been numerous stories in the new about the lack of preparation in Sochi for the winter games. Many hotels were left unfinished when guests arrived, and many of the buildings suffer from poor construction. Even a display of the Olympic rings at the opening ceremony failed to open.

  • Sochi is not adequately prepared for the Olympics.

    Given that Sochi had seven years to prepare for the Olympics, it is not nearly as prepared as it either could or should be. In the days leading to the games, reporters checked into hotels without running water, door handles, light bulbs, curtains, etc. Additionally, Sochi was faced to deal with the issue of stray animals in a rather inhumane way.

  • We are prepared.

    All photos in internet where all in Sochi bad and didnt cleaned and ended has been taked in 2010-2012.We from nothing make great base for Olympic Games, and phrases about corruption there is stupid.Most of people whose sad that there all bad never come to Sochi and didnt look at town by they eyes.

  • They are prepared.

    I do think that the immediate area where the Olympics are being held is well prepared for any terrorist activity, which I assume is what this question is asking. I have seen on the news that it is like a steel fort there. However, other surrounding areas are not so prepared.

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