Is social anxiety really a disorder (yes), or something that everyone experiences at some point (no)?

  • Yes, it is 100% real

    Yes, it's real, because I'm almost positive I have it. It's not just a thing where I feel shy or out of it every once in a while. It has crippled me every single day for the past two years, and I can't get over it.

    It has separated me from my past friends, and I want them back really badly, but I don't feel like I'm capable of talking to them, and by now, they probably think I'm stuck up or not interested in them, so I don't think they like me anymore.

    People think social anxiety disorder is fake, and people think that it's just a phase, but if you dealt with it everyday the way I (along with some others) do, you'd believe it's real.

  • Social Anxiety is really a disorder

    It is my opinion that social anxiety is an actual disorder. There is something that occurs in the brain's functions that causes social anxiety. Medication can help people with this disorder, which leads to the belief that it is a physical disorder that occurs in the brain and not just a social phenomenon.

  • It is real

    I think that in severe cases that a social anxiety disorder is very real. People are afraid to go outside of their houses or interact in social setting for a variety of reasons, but when it inhibits their life it truly becomes a disorder. It is not the same thing that everyone experiences.

  • No doubt about it.

    Social anxiety is a very real neurological disorder. It is closer in comparison to epilepsy than any other condition that everybody experiences (sadness, happiness). Just as epileptic seizures are the result of excessive and abnormal cortical nerve cell activity in the brain, social anxiety has to do with complications within the human brain. One definitely cannot tell an epileptic person to stop having seizures, therefore one also cannot tell a social anxiety sufferer to "fake it" or "just be more social". It is just as much of a disorder as Depression or Seizures are. It stops you from functioning in a "normal" fashion within society.

  • Social Anxiety Can Be Extreme

    While many people experience mild social anxiety, there are some people who are completely disabled by these concerns. Freud suggested that if a person can love (be in relationships with others) and work (be productive) that the person is reasonably healthy. Many people's social anxiety is significant but doesn't impede relationships or productivity. This is not the case for everyone, though. The diagnosis exists to help those who are unable to be productive or to be in relationships because of severe social anxiety.

  • Not really a disorder

    I feel that it is not a disorder at all. I think at one point in our lives either as a child or adolescent and even in our adulthood everyone experiences this sometime during our lives. It really depends on how it is handled when you are a child how you will handle things as an adult.

  • It’s a social phobia we need to over come

    Genuine question.

    How can anxiety be a problem if literally everybody is suffering from it? Doesn’t that just make it normal? And why is there an epidemic in our generation?

    Believe me I’ve had my fair share on being educated about mental health before anyone tries to call me ignorant 😂 I really thought anxiety was just a normal human emotion. It’s not a fun one but it’s not an illness it’s just something we go through. Why do we need a label every time we don’t feel okay? And how we perceive everything is what makes us unique. Why do we need counselling and pills to make us all feel and act the same? !

    I reckon if your on the loopy spectrum we should just own it (unless you really are a danger to yourself or other people). Go ahead and sit and cry for days, Over react to everything, Break some stuff, Fall out with everyone. Storms pass. But let’s be honest we always feel better after a good cry.

    You could say your social anxiety makes you scared to leave your home. That sounds more like a phobia.
    I was diagnosed with schizophrenia which had left me with a crippling fear of birds. Don’t ask. But I have to go outside where birds fly freely around me. I have no choice. I have a life to live. I choose to live my life regardless of any condition because really it’s all in my head. It’s like a horror film. It’s terrifying but it’s not real.

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