Is social conservatism more important than economic conservatism?

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  • Economics are the key

    Social conservatism is a platform used to rope in voters afraid about the tearing of the moral fabric in society to vote for economically conservative candidates who may be working against their best interests. The truth is, there is no tearing in the moral fabric in society that social conservatism can properly or rightfully solve. It's the economics people need to focus on.

  • Money Makes The World Go Round

    Given the way our global economy is set up I believe it is far more important to be a conservative in regards to money, rather that worry about social conservatism. Personally, I favor social liberalism, which allows more people equal freedoms and rights. I favor economic conservatism because it functions better against our consumerist society which is based on a lie.

  • Money matters more

    No, I think that the economic side is more important than the social side, simply because people care more about money. Money is what drives peoples day to day actions most of the time. The economic side is what most people focus on and care about, not the social side.

  • No I believe the opposite

    I think socially society should be more open to change then economically. Social change is a result of people changing and society changing. What works now won't work 50 years from now. However the basic principles of economics are not going to change so it is better to be economically conservative.

  • No, economic is most important.

    No, social conservatism is not more important than economic conservatism, because everything in a society is based on a good economy. If there is a good economy, people have time to debate social issues, and make social laws for the benefit of society. A strong economy is more important because it is the foundation of a society.

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