• Yes, it definitely is.

    We have enough strife with class warfare (anyone who thinks that doesn't exist should ask why people who work one or more fulltime jobs and do NOT spend frivolously still need foodstamps to fend off starvation) why do we need to make more by saying someone is less worthy of basic civil liberties because of what color, creed or orientation they are? Maybe it's just me, but I could have sworn this country was founded on freedom and the desire to escape oppression and persecution.

  • Yes, it is.

    Yes, of course social equality is desirable. Why wouldn't we want social equality? People have been fighting for social equality for years and years in the United States. African Americans fought for equal rights and women were granted the right to vote by the 19th amendment. We are now fighting for a narrower gender gap and marriage equality. Why wouldn't we want this?

  • All Men (and Women) Are Created Equal

    Social equality, whether achieved or not, has always been desirable. Even when the Declaration of Independence was written, while slaves were still legal and minorities did not have a vote, the concept was still pursued by many. It is an investment in our society as a whole to treat all as equals. If we were treated equally regarding healthcare and education, for instance, we would have a much more innovative and competitive nation. When any community is given equal treatment, the end result is that more jobs are created and the societal burdens of crime and poverty are lessened.

  • More than desirable.

    Social equality is necessary in order for a society to thrive and reach its potential in all areas involving human life and the outreach of life. One must know that one will be treated equally or one will not be inspired to become all s/he can be. There would also be no reason to be lawful if one feels they do not have social equality.

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Militant_Pacifist says2013-04-14T07:03:51.230
Are you defining social equality as equality of oppertunity or equality of outcome?
TYRELL153 says2013-04-17T20:26:28.447
What we understand as equality is not actually equality. Is equality human rights and equal opportunity? Perhaps it is that everyone's opinion is valid and rational? That everyone's motivation and objective is acceptable? All need to be treated with respect and dignity no matter what they have done? What is equality?