Is social media a good source of news? Why / why not?

Asked by: Kayla_Jelly
  • It's no different than hearing from your friends.

    Depending on who you're following changes the states, but if you are hearing the breaking news from your friends, News accounts and professional accounts are trustworthy too. Yes, there are fake news accounts, but it is just as reliable as an actual news program. Think about all the times the reporters have had the story wrong.

  • Facebook facts are unreliable

    Social media is used to post fact that may or not be factual. They only post what they want to post and not always the entire story. If you rely on Facebook and other social media you'll only receive half the story if that much. If you want to get the entire story actually do your research.

  • What's to stop the liars?

    On social media, anyone can post whatever they want, and have it viewed by the general public. Whilst this may seem like a good thing, what happens when fake news goes viral and spreads? Someone could be slandered, or worse, because of another's vicious words. Isn't it better to let those who have the accurate facts tell the stories?

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Fernyx says2016-03-08T15:07:21.360
Overall it is good, but if you listen to BuzzFeed or Huffington Post it is bad.