• Social media has become an important way to interact

    In today's society social media has almost become a needed way to interact if you are going to fit in with the rest of society. If you ignore social media anymore you are going to be missing out on a lot of things in life. Balance is still needed in interaction but social media does need to be an important way for everyone to interact.

  • Yes, it brings people together.

    Yes, social media is a good way to interact with other people, because it lets people communicate easily with many people at once. Social media allows people to maintain friendships with people who are far away, and share things that occur on a daily basis. This was not possible when all we had were telephone calls and letters.

  • Social Media Is Made For Interaction

    Social media is a great way to interact with people, not only in your local community, but across the globe. It is important, however, to remember that face to face interactions can never fully be replaced with online or social media interactions. Interacting over the Internet is not the same as being in person.

  • Stalked or raped

    It is easier for you to get Stalked. I know you could interact or connect with friends. But with who are you talking to? Do you know who he or she is? Think do you want to get kidnapped or s omething? If you do well go ahead and take a risk

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