Is social media a good (yes) or bad (no) thing?

Asked by: debateforfate
  • Yes yes yes

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  • Yes cause yes

    Yes it is great because it lets us be awesome and other people know about which makes our lives a lot better and that way we can brag about how good our lives are also yes cause yes cause yes cause yes cause yes cause yes cause yes cause yes

  • Well, Yes AND No.....

    Social media is just like a television rating, it has its ups and it's downs. One the one hand, it can be useful for those starting a business and/or promoting a brand or a product. We are able to communicate vastly, which is also helpful, although in my opinion I prefer talking to someone face to face than staring at a computer screen. And, of course, you have trolls and haters and people that complain about certain issues, but that's not a big deal.

    Posted by: S.K
  • When used correctly...

    Social Media can be very beneficial. We have overcome the distance between individuals to be able to socialize and talk to each other. Before, letters and phone calls were pretty much the only things that were available for contacting people overseas and less/more. We should take everything we have to our advantage. It isn't exactly the social media itself that is causing most problems over these websites. It's the people on it, of course. As long as we all know the boundaries of using the social media and how to balance it out between our lifestyle, it is perfectly fine.

  • It sucks alot

    Social media is terrible. It makes people compare their lives to others and that is extremely unhealthy mentally and physically. It makes them feel inferior and don’t even get me started on cyber bullying and cyber crime. Almost everyone does it. It is considered to be cool but it is just being ignorant to others’ feelings.

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  • It's bad very bad

    It's bad because people can get arrested for putting inappropriate pictures and videos. Also parents are teaching their little kids bad words and bad things just so they can make his/her child do that for a stupid video or picture.That is why I disagree. Also a collage has been shut down for students chanting racist things from an Instagram video. Two students were arrested.

    Thanks for reading this and hope you agree

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illonasays says2014-06-20T12:43:16.430
Balanced Opinion :
Social media has many uses:
1) We are in the age where connecting with people is already a form of necessity.
2) Personal views/opinions can be shared freely.
3) Information and resources is now easier to find and access.

I respect the advantages of social media but there should be a limit to what people can post in facebook because: 1) It exposes us to be victimized by human traffickers 2) Bullying has found a new haven to grow and nurture 3) Identities can be stolen... And etc.