• Waste of time

    Social media is addictive especially to teens and can take over your life. I wish social networks were not such a big part of my life and I spent my time more wisely, as everyone is always concerned with the amount of followers or likes they have which is pointless and you wont gain anything from it. I don't know why we enjoy the satisfaction of gaining likes on a photo on Instagram and We should be able to go out for a meal with family and friends without having to a picture of the food in front of us to show to the world when no one really cares, Its scary. On the other hand social networks can be a relaxing or a time to catch up with friends and the world but is it really worth it when the first thing we want to do in the morning is check Twitter or Instagram? And update what we are doing when it doesn't really matter? We should stop spending so much time on social networks and actually enjoy life with the people that matter because where will it take us in the future?

  • Not productive, never

    For a business maybe, as customer support or product celebration, but on a personal/professional level, too much SM is counter productive. For a business maybe, as customer support or product celebration, but on a personal/professional level, too much SM is counter productive. For a business maybe, as customer support or product celebration, but on a personal/professional level, too much SM is counter productive.

  • You have better things to do with your life!

    Come on people, we have better things to do in our lives than accidentally waste an hour per day (for some people more and some people less) scrolling through the Facebook or Twitter news feed. In terms of long distance relationships I understand Skype and video chats can be useful, but why don't we otherwise do something else with our lives like play/ learn music, join clubs, study, spend time with the family, express ourselves to people we actually care about and not succumb to this frequently shallow, judgemental virtual world. Kudos to those who don't get sucked into caring what people on the internet/Facebook think of them. Why do we look through pretty people's Facebook pictures? Update insignificant moments of our lives instead of actually experiencing these moments? Think about what we'll say or do on Facebook later as if by telling the world about your day clarifies that it actually happened? What does one gain from any of this? Really, what do we gain? Unless you're a business advertising or somebody with no other means of communication, which is unlikely, then I believe we should place our minds in the real, more beautiful world and not the virtual one. The internet is a tool, not your life.

  • I don't think it is a waste of time, but some people seem to think so...

    If one is doing research at work because s/he has a brilliant idea, then it is initiative that is related to the company and therefore work which is relevant to one's responsibilities, they are just using another channel.

    If one spends all of his time doing nothing but blogging and chattering, then it may result in lost potential for productivity.

  • Everything is impersonal and you lose personal relationships with friends and family

    Instead of just picking up the phone and calling that person, you send that person a message over the Internet makes it less personal. You don't develop a personal relationship with that person. Plus most people are friends with people on facebook or follow people on twitter that they have never even met. Which can be dangerous

  • Social media is a waste of time.

    I tried it and it made no difference to my freelancing activities whatsoever except for sucking up my time. However, I have found that applying directly for jobs or canvassing for clients directly a lot more productive. So my experience indicates to ditch the social media and concentrate on more direct methods of finding clients and work.

  • Social media is pointless

    Social media provides little more than an ability to either look at what "friends" or even real friends think about some pointless bit of cultural flotsam that happens to be the current cultural meme.Or as a means of expressing ones-self in an egotistical fashion to explain how either fantastic, trendy, or otherwise superior they are to anyone else who might (or might not) be interested. I have no doubt that scientists, technologists and a few other gists find the ability to share comments, information and “data” in real time very useful, but to the rest of society it seems rather pointless. Information technology gives humanity the ability to share vital information, it allows people to reconnect through separation and tragedy, but social media, as it currently exists is full of pointless marketing and mundane chatter. We also have a generation who are now defining themselves through how many “friends” they have, or if they are “trending” and who are also experiencing the trauma of bullying, not to mention the continued exploitation and subjugation of women with the trend for teenage girls to post inappropriate images of themselves on social networking sites. Social media is yet another expression of a consumerists society who’s values are shallow, exploitative and vain.

  • Social Media Is Being Misused Making It A Waste Of Time

    I believe that social media is a great idea, but not as great in practice. It has the potential to let businesses advertise and to let people reconnect with family. If social media were actually used productively it would not be a waste of time at all but unfortunately the majority of it is filled with meaningless information and it is now being used as a substitute for face to face interaction. If everyone could make their time using social media more productive it would not be a waste, but for now I believe that that is a waste of our time.

  • It’s a waste of time

    You will be addicted to the social media that will let you forget about other thing. And you will not realize the time going. It wastes time and lead to real major health problem one of them is isolation that you will be very lonely and only talks with people on the Internet. It also doesn’t develope you skills. I know social media is fun but sometimes you need to stop it. Mange your time like 3 or 4 hours on social media and then try to read, Write and etc. An evidence is that successful people are now very effective and they are now very smart and knowledgeable. They mange their time and meet new people to develope their skills. So social media is sometime a waste of time for people even babies.

  • It's a garbage

    Some days ago, A person was using facebook on his mobile. His family members called him but he ignored them and continued to use Facebook. Why? Social media was created to make people come closer but it has been destroying the real relationships. Facebook friends are not real but for these Facebook friends, We are spoiling the relationship between our real friends and well wishers.

  • No invention gone wrong or waste

    Technology is never gone wrong. What is the result will always dependent on how we utilise. If excess of water is wasted, it becomes scarce. Excess of knowledge...Mental instability. Excess of anything in this Universe is damaging. Excess of pollutants in atmosphere causes Ozone depletion, health issues, Global warming....And so many such.
    Social networking is important to elevate several causes for the betterment of human survival. It should be for a cause...Not as a hobby or habit. Forming such hobby or habit is all in the ambit of the control of self. So I vote for Social media.

  • Technology is not a waste of time!

    With technology around kids in my opinion makes kids feel and happy.Kids can get more done. Technology not only helps kids but encourages them to do better in school.So in my opinion technology is not a waste of time.Sorry i only have less info on my opinion : ( .

  • Social media is not a waste of time

    In my perspective social media is not a waste of time. It is like heaven sent on earth to chat with your friends and relatives even though you are not living close to them. It is an amazing tool if it is used correctly like communicating about your school homework or group. If it is abused or overused it can be damaging. It just depends on how we use it.

  • It is not Always a waste of time.

    Social networking sites are not always a waste of time. It depends on simply how you use it and why you use it. For example, some people may use Facebook to gain help by someone or to share an important message to people all around as they may not have their contacts. On the other hand it may be a WASTE OF TIME because you may use it plainly because it is a form of entertainment for you. As Facebook is made to entertain. This will be wasting time. When someone is on social networking site it can persuade them to stay on for longer and do rubbish but at the end of the day it all depends on how YOU use it.

  • I think both

    I know my headline is strange, especially since I choose "No". As everything, social media has it's benefits and it's problems. Which side that will prove strongest depends on how social media is used. I can agree with both sides on this site, bullying, junk-posts and over-use are problems. But if used correctly, social media is an amazing tool.
    It can be used for supporting a good thing, as shown in the article “Teens And Social Media: Young People Who Used The Internet To Do Major Good” (The Huffington post, 06/26/2013), for making a difference.
    It can also be used successfully in school, my class for example uses Facebook to quickly spread information about cancelled lessons, new homework, useful links and other types of information we need, collected in one place. Social networks are furthermore excellent when planning and working on group projects.
    I can agree, social media has a lot of problems, and contains a lot of junk, but wheater it`s worthless or not, depends on how WE use it.

  • Social media is not at fault for what people do.

    Even right now we're using social media to have this voting to see whether social is a waste of time or not. We should not blame social media for any problems because the one causing the problems is the people, not the social media. Teenagers who are using social media are not the one to be blamed, but the parents are, because their parenting is not good enough.

  • No, if not too much time is spent on it

    No, social media is not a waste of time as long as people don't spend huge amounts of time on it. I think there is very little "payback" to it when people are on it seemingly constantly. But as a way to keep in touch with one's extended social circle, or feel "connected" (though superficially), it can be a pleasant pasttime. It's certainly no substitution for actually spending time with people, though.

  • Social Media Is Not A Waste of Time

    Social media is not a waste of time. It is actually one of the best inventions in recent memory. Social media can be used by a everyone and for a wide variety of great reasons. Nothing is limitless, but social media is about as close as you are going to get.

  • No It's Not

    Social media is not a waste of time, although like everything else, it should be used in moderation. Social media allows people to give expression to their lives in a new way, to stay connected to others, and to communicate directly with brands. It has its drawbacks, but on the whole it is not a waste of time.

  • Social Media

    No, I don't personally think that social media is a waste of time. In my opinion, it has reconnected me with people I wouldn't have been connected with in other ways. We get to talk and share pictures and events that are happening in our lives with people we worked with or went to school with previously.

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