• Humans benefit more from face to face interaction and should not serve as pilons holding up a framework designed to generate advertising profit.

    Humans have been pulled too far into the matrix. Think about the stakeholders who stand to benefit from social media use - corporations, government, media outlets, narcissists. These people will be delivering the message that social is a great tool and that you can't afford to miss out on it. In the boardroom and strategy meetings, the topics are quite different. These networks are in effect digital corrals for a sheep like population. I could go on and on but you get the point.

  • Cause it's stupid

    Cause it can stop you from doing homework and important things for school. Also people live for it and the stupid thing is that most kids are failing because of stuff like this. Another thing is that you could get hacked and the hacker could put all you personal thing off private

  • The largest mob mentality study ever created.

    You see all these posts and stories pop up practically daily (depending on how often one uses "X" site) and what are they in real terms? A story about a cat who hugged a chicken? One person out of literally millions that has a life-debilitating disease that will - for some reason, be cured provided you pass it on to everyone you don't even speak to and that they also get 52,000 "likes" or tweets etc, the medium isn't important.

    My problem with it is this: Who told you to like that post? Who told you it is a good idea to send some Internet empathy to that person you will never meet who is struggling to maintain even the smallest amount of optimism? And how do you even know whether these stories are true? And what do people do? They go and click like or share or whatever, and it gets passed on. The circle continues and the "so sad" comments or the "oh man my girlfriend's mom's cousin did that once, I saw it...I was there..." situations increase exponentially.

    I guess, I am writing this as a person who generally isn't easily persuaded to go and watch a movie because the trailer told me so, nor am I the sort of person to listen to pop music just because it's in the charts. Surely it should be the other way around - I like it, so do thousands of other people, so therefore the artist benefits from this. Why are we constantly told what to like, what to discriminate against and WHY DAMMIT DO WE SOAK IT UP SO EASILY? People are too suggestible these days and it's far to easy for marketing companies or content generators of the seediest kind to take advantage.

    Social media isn't bad for society...People are bad for society.

  • The downfall of us all

    Facebook, instagram, twitter, tinder, and other social networking devices are beneficial only to the companies who make money from the advertising, Facebook has never brought most of its users anything but a bill of wasted time (something you will never get back) instead of working to improve themselves through good diet, fitness, face to face conversations with real people; these people who are addicted to the crack cocaine of the internet spend days (eventually years) of their waking time posting pictures, commenting on who people are dating, and playing games that they forget about the imortance of living in the "real world" the fact we have to distinguish between the real world and that facebook world is in itself pathetic. Hope there are still real people out there who dont care more about their iphones than the importance and essence of connecting with people on a human basis, and not a superficial one.

  • Lifeless life = no quality

    People are sitting everywhere, gathered, but still into their phones or iPads. There is no real human interaction. In addition, these apps are only meant to be about YOU, and how popular YOU are, and not caring too much about anyone else.
    It's just so sad to see kids just sitting inside, staring into their fancy iPhones, and eventually wasting their childhood. It takes WAY TOO MUCH of our time! Please.. Limit it...

  • Mindless and UN-social

    In general, people do not socialize, they post stupid crap they are doing, and argue with each other about nothing. It also seems highly addictive for some, so they spend a ton of time on social sites, while ignoring the rest of life. There is no way to convey emotion effectively via text, so there are often miscommunication, fights, etc. As a result.

  • People loosing its communication skills

    Because of Facebook or such type of apps people loosing its proper real lifencommunication skills. Lol, lmao, wtf etc these words are destroying real life communication. This is a app where people can be anti social and still could connect the whole world. People are getting online friends more than real friends.

  • False internet stories

    There are so many false stories on the Internet these days. A lot of people tend to believe what they read on the internet, and they don't even take the time to make sure that the story is legit. And because of this I do believe social media is bad for society. I mean stories these days, is like the game telephone, they have a story that happened in their life. Then someone reads it, and write about it someone else, and that person reads it, Pass is it to the next person. By the end of story is jumbled up, and has all content in it. Then you get a story that makes no sense, that took place in a third world country somewhere. When the story was really about a girl with a dog can do tricks.

  • Leads to an unproductive society

    Since the creation of social media, mankind has sunken to the state where people are just concern about their so-called "status" on the "social media" all day; and would ultimately sacrifice a large portion of their free time, when they are supposed to relax, in order to "have fun" with "facebook" or whatever the name of that "application" is.

  • Social media is a scourge among the human masses!

    All the things that are freakishly overdone with social media sites can be done more efficiently and effectively in a perfect model for social interaction, that interaction was and is EMAIL! I will not "like" nor "tweet", or "link in", etc.,with anyone. Contact me and share attachments by email! Email, email, email.

  • No why would it be bad?

    What would be the reason for social media to be bad for society? There are thousands and maybe millions of people who interact with one another through social media. Family and friends which are miles away from each get to keep contact and share their daily live activities. In other words, social media is good for society not bad

  • Social media can actually do more harm than good

    Today, social media is everywhere. Playing a big role in people’s life, social media has made interactions among people easier. Although social media is so easy to use, it brings us many problems as well. In other words, social media has been an essential means of communication, but it can be harmful intentionally or unintentionally. Since we now live in this modern internet society, social media users should think twice before publicizing their posts on the internet.
    The website called CyberBullyHotline indicates that 4500 kids commit suicide each year due to cyber bullying. An example of unintentional harm with social media is seen in Sue Scheff’s recent writing about “accidental” cyberbullying for the Huffington Post. She describes incidents where teens say things to others, usually online, that are not intended to be hurtful, but are experienced as such. Even though it is not our objective, our words can be taken out of context by others when they are read and regurgitated, amplifying our digital footprint. This can happen offline as well, of course, but technology certainly makes it easier to obscure actual intent. Many of us know from experience that social media often leads to more frequent misunderstandings as communication occurs without important facial expressions, vocal intonations, or other interpretive behavioral cues that provide color and context to what is being conveyed. I agree that it is common for teens to say things to classmates or best friends without malice or harmful intention, yet the comments are misinterpreted thus resulting in harm.
    Another case relating to the issue of intentional or unintentional harm on social media is about Adria Richards tweeting about a man’s comment, according to the CBSNews. Regarding Richards’s case, CEO Jim Franklin’s said, “Her decision to tweet the comments and photographs of the people who made the comments crossed the line; publicly shaming the offenders was not the appropriate way to handle the situation." Therefore, people commented that Richards’ act of publicizing others’ comments without their consent is clearly illegal and should be banned at any cost.
    “Social media can be as harsh and as unjust as anything humans develop to police each other,” said Anna North, a culture editor at Salon Media Group. Social media has been an essential means of communication, and the internet is where users’ privacy is being violated as their personal pictures and comments are illegally publicized. In order to protect their privacy and to avoid any inconvenience or annoyance, users of social media must be careful when sharing their information online. Again, social media users should think twice before posting something. We always have to remember that social media can actually do more harm than good and those who publicly shame others now open themselves up to public shaming too.

  • I think that social media is good for society by creating an opportunity to make money that fast and efficient through advancement of modern technology

    Small business and Big Corporation Business communicate with customers to create more business through the advancement of modern technology. Therefore, I think that business need Social media through innovation the advancement of modern there are many products, goods and services for satisfying customers needs and wants more than ever before.

  • Overuse With Everything

    With every piece of entertainment, there is always a point where it can go wrong. I understand that I wont let my future kids spend all day on something like Facebook or Twitter, but social media is a way to connect with the world. Social media has proved itself to be essential in quick easy communication, like sparking a new idea in Egypt, or gossip in California. I personally use social media to work with my co-workers on a project, or determine the next meeting. I say that social media is good, to a certain extent. As long as there's limits to everything. :)

  • Depending upon usage

    It depends on us and how we are using it. Ever thing had good and bad it means we should use it in a positive manner for the development of us.
    It is based upon us to use in a correct manner. So my opinion is no.
    It helps us easily to clarify our doubts where ever we are.

  • Social Networking is a good thing.

    Social media gives teens a consistent update of what's going on in society or lives of their friends. Unless someone is constantly addicted to media it pretty much has a positive impact. Also being involved in something makes teens stay out of trouble, it gives a scource of intertainment, can possibly keep them out of trouble.

  • Your choice topic

    Nobody's telling you that you have to actually use said site or whatever else and without the media we wouldn't know anything about what's going on in the world and here in the U.S yes the media can be irrelevant at times but where would we actually be without it?

  • Online Contact .

    Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are all just ways people can contact each other from great distances. There are downfalls to these social media sites but people need to learn the way to prevent them from happening. Facebook has settings which control who can see certain post and who can message them. But why don't people use them? Mainly because Facebook does not have a tutorial after the person had just created his or her account.

  • Can be bad

    I believe that social media can be bad yet it can be used to help people stay together. Lets say someone's uncle or aunt is in Africa or china because they work for the states department. The only way that they can talk to them is through Skype, Facebook or send pictures over Instagram.

    It depends on what social net work that someone uses or what they use it for

  • Social networks can have both negative or positive attributes depending on the way it is used.

    Social networks can have negative or positive impacts depending on the way it is used. A positive example would be the fact that these online communities help you communicate with people around the world no matter where you are. Your sister just got engaged and sent you a message through Facebook. You didn't have time to call your friend on her birthday so you just leave her a message on her page. Those are both great examples of a positive impact. Whereas negativity comes along with everything, a hacker who stole your digital resources, people bullying you online, and private information posted publicly. Negativity is not something that can be stopped, there will always be haters, there will always be someone who doesn't agree, but the idea and main purpose of Social networks are to help people communicate and share information with one another. So in conclusion, social media is not bad for society, it is society that throws the punch through social media.

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Anonymous says2013-05-21T09:04:23.823
Um under the intention that social media is and can be very bad for the society in the sense that it can be addictive, and addictiveness is a havock esp. To the younger generation of nowadays!!!!!!!!!