• Yes it is bad for society

    So in order to make social media sites fun to use you must create a positive free back loop to make it addicting the more likes you get the more retweets you get the more followers you get the more Dopamine you release the more num you get you get bored with life depressed

  • Two Words: Cancel Culture

    Cancel culture creates an incredibly toxic environment among people in the Internet. This doesn't happen to just Twitter, It could happen to any part of social media. Whatever happen to simply blocking someone and ignoring it? Why are you baiting them just to get a mob mentality coming? What do you gain from harassing that person? You get drama. It's like no one has free speech nowadays. Yes, Racism, Sexism, Homophobia are bad and no one condones that behaviour, But you're fueling more drama from that person. People lost common sense to block and ignore the person. If you want to warn that person to someone, Do it privately like DMs instead then.

  • Yes it is bad

    Most of the times I have seen people using the social media to showoff(instagram), Upload their activities(facebook), They share the restaurants, Brainwashing (twitter) and so on. . .

    But it also depends on the user like recently I read the article which is ran on facebook which is completely free of cost which provides the care to old age people who feel tensed being alone at their home and this is the best thing I have saw. . .

    So it depends on user

  • Nothing but stupid worthless garbage

    Social Media is nothing but a big fat buttcrack on the Earth. It's full of mindless and meaningless entertainment, Inappropriate hate content, Hackers raid it frequently, So yes, Social media threatens our security, Spreads hate content like wildfires, And brainwashes people so they live life off lies. Okay bye bye.

  • I agree with this

    It is not a relevant topic ones who use social media, Become INTROVERT type person and he/she always wants to use his time with his so called social media's buddies or you can say internet friend they always present with us but only by physically not by mentally.
    Mentally they are on another paralle world which has no any significance.
    At last i am agree with this topic

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Pisx7 says2020-10-15T15:50:36.133
I don't know (or care) if it's bad for society, But social media has been an absolute plague on the internet.
Shamayita says2020-10-22T07:53:01.007
I kinda agree with this. Though it depends on the users more than anything.

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