• It's enhancing the English language.

    The English language isn't a set of rules or words that are set in stone. It's meant to have things added to it, and to have its rules change over time. Social media is merely the latest medium in a long line dating back to the very first word written in English in which the language has been evolving.

  • Yes, Social Media is diluting the English language.

    As a high-school student i hear students and encounter students who speak as though they are texting or tweeting on a daily basis. When tweeting, instant messaging, or posting a status we rarely or never check our grammar or spelling. This may not be this biggest deal since its only a social media website or you may just be talking to your friends, when we go in to the real world or even submit essays and assignments in highschool we will be in the habit of not checking or worrying about grammar and spelling, some incorrect spelling may not come across as wrong to us because that's the way we see words spelt so often on the internet and social media sites.

  • Yes, it is diluting the English language.

    Not only is social media diluting the English language, it seems to make everyone else who uses it lower their IQ by more than a few points. Internet speak has always been a problem and a sign of a uneducated person, but social media seems to spread that ill much faster.

  • Social media is indeed diluting the English language.

    As scary as that may be, I do believe that the social media is in fact diluting the English language for our youth. The reason I believe this is because I have personally overheard middle school students and high school students talk the way they would text a friend. I think we are developing a nation and culture of young people who won't know the pleasure of a long phone conversation or walk and talk in a park.

  • Social media is diluting language and producing a generation that can't spell or use proper grammar.

    I have had occasion to read and/or correct written work from this social media and texting generation. In general, their spelling and grammar are abysmal. They are so used to using abbreviated word forms and acronyms that many of them have either forgotten or cannot comprehend the proper usage and spelling of many common words!

  • Language will always evolve.

    Not everyone uses the same language on social media as they do in everyday situations. I know that I myself use a much diluted version of what may be considered 'proper' English on social media, deliberately misspelling words, adding acronyms and abbreviations - because it gets across a different meaning; and comes across more friendly and colloquial. But language has always done this! Shakespeare, for example, made up much of the slang that we use today, and if you look back across time you will find words that no one would ever use now. There have been cases that show that those who understand "text talk" (which, by the way, no one calls it anymore!), actually score higher in school on spelling and grammar tests than those that don't. If your child can't spell, it's the education system failing, not social media.

  • It is enhancing the language

    When Shakespeare wrote his plays his form of plays were considered to out there and some what diluting the Elizabethan language at the time yet now the majority of the vocabulary spoken today is Shakespearean in some facet. The same exists for social media. Electronic tech is the new advancement in our species in general and social media is the advancement in communication and sharing. New vocab produced on these sites are often seen as odd yet over time they will become more widely regarded and respected and will become common tongue in the future years.

  • Social media are not entirely responsibl

    I believe social media are not directly responsible to this, indeed they didn't talk to people into using a bad English. It is up to the people and users of Facebook, Myspace and other means, to use a good english or to decide to use a faster english and more abreviated one. Some people, which will tell to be more scholars teachers etc..People excercing what we call an 'upper-class' job will tend to keep their english decent while others and especially the young generation will just drop it

  • Totally unrelated factors

    The problem of an ungrammatical youth is not "media" but the education system. We must question are education system and make drastic reforms if it is to get better. Texting lingo is not that often used and in cases were it is it has became a universily known word I.E lol.

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