Is social media hindering people from getting jobs?

  • Social media is hindering people from getting jobs, because too much personal information is being put on display, and it detracts from a professional appearance.

    Social media gives a person way too much exposure to the intricacies of their personal life. A future employer can obtain all the little bits of information that would make them reconsider that person as a candidate for a job. An example would be that an employer could easily see on a social media site that a woman is single, yet has three children. This could plant the seed in the employer's mind that the woman would have too many personal obligations, and would put her children before her job. Likewise, an employer could see personal viewpoints expressed on a social media site, such as political issues, which would make them wary of hiring the person.

    Posted by: HealthyVernon88
  • Social media is hindering people from getting jobs, because the information on there is being used against them.

    People should have every right to post whatever they want on social media, when it pertains to themselves and is not hurting anyone. Sadly, some of the things that get posted on there are being used against people at work or during a hiring process. The two things should actually be kept separate. What one puts on social media has nothing to do with the kind of worker they are.

    Posted by: eyeslikethat
  • Social media is hindering people from getting jobs because the Internet keeps long and extensive records.

    Social media is clearly hindering people from getting jobs. Every day there is another report about a teacher or other professional who had the nerve to express his or her opinion on a subject and it was found by his/her superiors. Furthermore other e-media like wikileaks has been said to prevent people from obtaining government jobs if they are somehow involved.

    Posted by: Random72003
  • Social media is preventing people from getting jobs, because employers are using what people post against them.

    If you post negative things about a job or employer, they can see it and use it as a reason not to hire you, or to fire you if they already did. They can also use it against you if you post yourself doing things that are considered hurtful to the company.

    Posted by: darcyska
  • Yes, because social media is causing employers to use it to screen prospective employees.

    With the invention of social media, the job market has changed. Employers now use many different social media websites to screen prospective employees. They can use it to find if the person is a major drinker, or shows attributes they don't want in their company. They can also use it to make sure that the person does not post vulgar messages.

    Posted by: M0r3Interior
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  • I do not think that social media is hindering people from getting jobs because, if the reason for non-hiring happens to be found on a social media site, it does not change the fact that the person permitted that information to be seen.

    I do not think that social media is totally to blame for people not getting a particular job that they apply for. If a person chooses to use any social networking site, then they should also accept the responsibility that goes along with that. One of the responsibilities is making sure that the information you present is legal, ethical, and moral. If anyone should choose not to be any of those, then that responsibility lies with them.

    Posted by: UnsuitableRigoberto99
  • It is not the social media that can keep people from getting jobs it is the lack of good judgement that harms people who put themselves up their in harmful situations.

    Social media can do a great deal to enhance the job seeking experience but if you don't take care in what you put up on Facebook and Twitter, etc., then you can be putting yourself in a very precarious predicament.

    Posted by: Bratzky
  • It's Not Social Media's Fault

    Some people waste too much time engaged in social media activities. If they have trouble finding a job, that is because they do not prioritize their time wisely. Other people make stupid or inappropriate comments on social media. As a result, employers logically don't want to hire them for fear they will continue those same negative behaviors at work.

  • Social media allows job seekers to interact with more people, potentially expanding their job sources.

    Through social media, people are able to maintain relationships with former co-workers, professors and other people who may be a contact for a job, or who may be able to provide needed references. Job seekers may also use social media as a forum for freelancing their skills. Such freelancing not only provides income, it provides experience and contacts with other people who need the offered skill. Used properly, social media can be a valuable tool to obtaining employment.

    Posted by: RedundantErnest94
  • Social media is not the reason we aren't working.

    We are struggling as a nation economically, because we have an incompetent government making insane decisions on how to deal with tax revenue. To blame social media is just asinine. People are motivated to work, but the banks have made it hard for businesses to get loans. The government has made it virtually impossible for companies to afford to run with outrageous tax implications. Don't blame Facebook, blame the White House.

    Posted by: MoaningElroy
  • Social media is simply another socializing tool.

    Social media is simply a digital version of the networking event and chats. Social media is only a hindrance when someone's actions online are in conflict with the image they wish to present, such as a professional job seeker with endless photos of drunken parties or sales staff who cannot stay silent on pending deals. If the social media profile is in alignment with the image the person wishes to project, then it doesn't hinder them in getting a job. And social media can allow you to learn more about people and companies than could be gathered from conversations. Social media can also enable people to find friends and former peers now working for an organization that could employ them. If your network is what helps you find a job, social networking through social media is far greater than filling out applications.
    Social media helps those who are responsible in their actions and image. Social media only hurts those who are careless in their actions or whose real life is contradictory to what they wish to present in interviews.

    Posted by: Pir4And
  • Social media is helping people connect, and actually making it easier to get a job.

    With social media, it is easier than ever to connect with a lot of people, and let everyone know that you are looking for a job. For instance, on Facebook, you could post your availability and ask everyone you know to post it also, which is them passing it on.

    Posted by: 5hinyRube

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