• Yes, it is.

    Recently, social media is a part of social protests. This is evidenced in various pages, blogs and also social media groups. The following chats that go on about a particular topic can be categorized as protests since there are people giving out their different opinions and views. This protests are actually real and sometimes may lead to a big issue.

  • Yes social media is a necessary part of social protests.

    Back in the day traditional organizational tools were social hubs such as universities, coffee shops, group meetings, etc. But the rise of the Internet in the 1990’s changed how we communicate. The network of social media users has grown from the low millions to the low billions. The creation and adoption of social media formats such as blogs, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter have become a fact of life, so a successful protest has to include their use.

  • Yes, it is.

    People use social media as thier primary method of communication. It is both useful and necessary to help organize protests and to spread awareness about their protest and the movement behind it. A protest that does not use social media to communicate will be dead in its tracks and never get anywhere.

  • Yes, a successful social protest needs to get social media involved

    Today, social media is a tremendous news source for today's culture. It is also the most powerful in targeting the right audience and appealing emotionally. Therefore, in order for a social protest to be successful social media needs to be used to alert the masses and to encourage people to get involved in their cause.

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