• Yes

    Shows like john Stewart make us aware of the lighter side of politics. People text and tweet about his show, and Colbert, and it becomes infectious. When watching news commentary, Tweets are running across the bottom of the screen, and it is so quick and easy more and more people are making their opinion heard. Much of it is mindless drivel, but it is still political, and much of it is in protest!

  • Yes, social media is a powerful tool for citizens

    I believe that social media is having a significant role in rejuvenating political protest around the world, because it opens new doors to the open flow of ideas and allows for better citizen organization and mobilization. Multiple uprisings, such as in Egypt and Libya, were heavily influenced by social media networks like Twitter.

  • Not the word I'd use

    It's not rejuvenating political protest, it's cheapening it. The ability for people to get involved more effortlessly in protest sounds good, but it really isn't when it involves letting anybody under the sun that in most cases don't entirely understand what they're protesting lazily put themselves behind a movement. It grows the numbers but it hurts the message.

  • No it's just a place to spout off mindless stuff

    So many people on social media sites just link to something a friend posted or they heard in their little echo chamber that supports their own belief system.

    Just because some idiot has a internet access that doesn't make him Dr. Martin Luther King, you have to take action to create the change you want to see in the world not like someone's post.

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